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Terrrible!! We just wat out and to give these phones back and pretend verizon never happened!!

We signed up for verizon after being w/a company 15 yrs.  Mainly because of hotspot issues/remote job. We should have never signed up when the in store service was ridiculous.  No one knew the plans or promos.  I was telling them what promo to look up.  SEVERAL PEOPLE helped us & confirmed our bill would be around $120-$123 a month for both phones.  I got the "free" iphone 12 mini & husband trading his phone in.  We were told to wait for packaging to be sent to us to return his phone.

It never came so we called & they mailed it. We mailed phone back but some of the paperwork said it was past date to return. We were told don't worry about it since it was documented we had to call & request the packaging to begin with!

Now we get $190 bill.  My husband called yesterday & got zero assistance from a girl who repeatedly put him on hold= total of 38 mins.  He asked for "manager" who agreed bill should be $120 & would adjust everything for next bill.  To pay the $190 now & they'd take that off next bill so would only owe $50 next mo. He said he'd send an email with info.  No email, But his name was FELIX. 

After that call, we realize my husband now has no text!  Called for hours yesterday &couldn't get help.  They kept saying they were sending him TEXTS to click for support, etc.  HIS ISUE WAS HE DIDN'T HAVE TEXT.  Finallly speaks with someone this morning.  They tell him the girl who had him hold for 38 mins. yesterday fried his sim card and he'd have to go get another one.  Our store is CLOSED due to covid & has no open date listed.  This is INSANE!!  And now the people today say our bill will be $190.  No… it isnt.  They sent us a "video" of changes and only thing it shows Is my Nurse dicount was removed!  Why?!  We've tried everything.  I'm filling out info & getting my docs together for BBB complaint.  Any other ideas on how to get help?!

Re: Terrrible!! We just wat out and to give these phones back and pretend verizon never happened!!

That not how sim cards work...

Verizon drove the good reps away and have clowns taking calls.