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Trade In Gift Card Issue

I upgraded my daughters phone from the Apple iPhone XR to the new Iphone 13 Pro on the Verizon app. I processed a trade in at the same time and the app offered me a Gift Card for the trade in amount once I returned the phone and the cost was assessed. I received notification that the trade in phone was appraised at $459.99, yay!

Since it was the beginning of November that I received the message I then awaited the gift card. December came and still no gift card so I chatted via the Verizon App. The agent asked for the Submission ID which I was able to locate on the app as well as other information that you would think they can see on their end since they are looking at your account. I provided all information asked and was told that it was processed as a Bill credit. I was not happy as the plan was to use the gift card towards paying the new phone off in full. When I questioned why I was not getting the gift card I was told that the trade-in process did not transfer over as a gift card but as a bill credit. Fine, holidays are busy and I did not have time to discuss further. I was then told that I would get a bill credit monthly. Bait and switch..that is what it felt like. I received a credit on my next bill that was clearly listed on the app; but not the following bill.  I chatted again via the Verizon app; the agent asked for all the same information; Submission number and how much the trade-in was appraised at, all information that I was able to find on the app was no longer listed...???? Since I was not able to locate the information the agent couldn't help me and directed me to open the PDF file for the bill. There was no credit listed but she said she could see it on her end. I took her word for it and confirmed that I would just have to open the PDF file to see that a credit is listed and ended the chat. Then I was charged the full amount of my normal monthly bill *(auto-pay)

Chat again via the app...Renata was very nice and tried to help. She was able to see all the information needed to confirm the trade-in. credit amount etc, and confirmed  that a credit was not applied to my current bill but was not able to make the correction. I again explained that I originally requested a Gift Card for the Trade-in amount and if I could just get the gift card as I already felt I was having to follow up more than once for the credit that was supposed to be due to me. She said she would transfer me to Customer Care as they would be able to assist me. Okay...great! Waited approx. 45 mins for the Customer Care "agent" no name to come on. Had to explain the whole issue again and the agent asked if he could look at my account to assist. For some reason that agent was not able to get into my account and said that he would have to put me on hold to get it fixed. On hold for over another 35 mins and the "next agent" came on; IT? He asked me to hold while they reviewed the chat to see what was going on to better assist me. I then chatted and told them that I honestly did not need IT assistance but the previous agent did. I was not calling for anything related to IT. The agent was super nice and offered to do what they could to assist. Of course IT was not able to get to a solution but said that they would have someone call me the next day. Simple and effective at the time after being on the chat for 2 hours.

No call...the next day was Saturday, I called the number the IT agent provided to find that the Trade in department is closed on the weekends. Okay...figured someone would call me on Monday; no call. I then called on Tuesday and got Joe. I again explained all the trouble I was having with my trade-in, app offered me a Gift Card and didn't get it and was also not getting the bill credit. He went through the steps stating that the trade was processed as a bill credit and understood my frustration but that they could only process a bill credit. I then explained that I was told that before but I have already had to call/chat to get the credit. Why should I have to keep following up on something promised by Verizon. I am angry and frustrated at this point and bluntly told Joe that the only acceptable solution would be for me to get the balance due to me on the Gift Card I originally chose at the time of the upgrade/trade in. He put me on hold for over 45mins. He then comes back on the line stating that he could not give me the gift card but offered my trade in value + $100. I told him it was unacceptable, its been months and I am not getting the credit that was supposed to be given and I originally choose the Gift Card for the trade that the app offered me. I told him I would like to talk to a manager and he stated that there was no manager available and that the manager would tell me the same thing. I told him I appreciated that he tried but I needed to speak to someone else, he offered to transfer me to another agent and I told him that speaking to another agent would not help me, I wanted a manager. He then stated that he could request for a manager to call me but it would be the next day. I told him that was fine. He then tried to get me to accept the bill credit, now $550 but I told him that I was not happy and although the offer is nice, at this point I would only accept the trade-in amount owed to me on a gift card. He then asked me if I redeemed the gift card...??? I didn't understand what he was asking so I asked him to clarify. He then asked if I redeemed the gift card. How could I redeem a gift card that was not even sent to me?!!? I asked him that question and he said that if I chose the gift card at the time of the upgrade/trade did I redeem it. Would I have spent all this time chatting and calling if I received the gift card? I then asked how he could tell me that gift card should not have been offered at the time I did my transaction and only a bill credit was available and then ask me if I redeemed the gift card. Now he is giving me conflicting information. I feel like the whole process is a Bait and switch and the Verizon reps are lying to save face. He then tells me that a manager would call me the next day. I talked to Joe on Tuesday, its now Friday: no call, no bill credit or gift card! I pay my bill every month, auto pay; if I don't pay my bill my service would be cut off; but what can I do when what is promised to me is not given. They can't return the phone I traded in and I'm not getting the amount that the phone was appraised at!