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Trade-In Promo Issue

I am currently dealing with the same issue. I took Verizon up on the “deal” they had around Christmas time. Trade in your old phone for up to $579.99 and get a new iPhone 10 mini for $5 a month for 24 months ($120 total) plus taxes. Wow what a deal I thought! I didn’t need a new phone but for $120 that new camera advancements would really look great with the work I do. I Looked on eBay and I could have sold my iPhone 8plus for $350 but after doing the Verizon trade in estimate they said my phone was due to get the $579.99 for a trade in as it was in excellent condition.

well a few weeks later and I get an email that after inspecting my phone I am no longer getting the original trade in estimate??  It says “adjustment reason: we have received a different device than expected, Better qualifying promotion found”


the device they were expecting is connected to my phone number that I bought from them over two years ago. Listed right on my account attached to my phone number and it’s also the phone I put into there trade in estimate calculator thing they offered on their website. Why were they expecting a different phone??? Also what’s up with the better qualifying promotion found?

Spoke with a lady from Verizon today (finally was able to get an actual person on the phone after many tries) she said she was going to try and help by finding another promotion she could apply but she won’t be able to get me the $579.99 
unfortunately with Verizon’s great service I dropped the call... and of course did not receive a call back. Yay so excited to try and deal with this again tomorrow. 

I want my old phone back!! nothing was wrong with it I just thought that as a loyal customer to Verizon that they were offering there clients a good deal as an upgrade. How wrong was I!! The lady told me my phone has already been recycled “refurbished and going to be resold” so they gave me $133 and will now sell my perfectly good phone for $400 plus... all because they tricked me into their scam! This is garbage and should be illegal.

I am not done.

I will demand they give me an iPhone 8plus back and send their iPhone 12 mini back!  How dare Verizon go scamming loyal customers while so many of us are struggling trying to find work and pay our bills during this pandemic. They ought to be ashamed of themselves! Big corporations stealing from the working class. How typical!