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Trade Issue and overall customer service issue

I don’t know what to do at this point. First, let me start by saying I never call Verizon but after my resent interaction in August… my experience has been horrible and I should have switch carriers. I called back in august to add a line. The girl added the line and took my phone as a trade in, why would she take my phone to add a line when I never told her to do that. I ultimately cancelled the line and took my business elsewhere for the additional line. Then the iPhone 13 came out and I went to try to trade in my current phone to get a 800 credit but there was an issue because of the original call (Verizon error by the way). I spoke to a supervisor who said he will order the phone and still honor the promotion. I got the phone and tried to trade it in and alas, another issue.. the trade in price was not honored. I called again, the girl sent me a trade in kit or shipping label and said to return the phone label and my trade in will be honored. The phone was received back on 10/08 and now Verizon charged me 301 for god knows what… I never got my credit,, I am out of a phone,,,, and my time wasted! How can I rectify this issues.  I was biller full price for my phone, which should be 800 less due to my trade in, and I am getting charged 301… for god knows what. Everything is system managed and no one is taking ownership of the issue. I am about to transfer my lines and just dispute everything to endure this company doesn’t steal from me, but need guidance.