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Trade in Adjustment

I requested a trade in via mail for my iPhone 8 Plus back in the fall of 2020 to allow me a promotional credit of 142 dollars towards my new device. I was never sent the shipping materials to be able to send in my phone. Eventually I was billed for the amount. I called and explained my situation and they sent the appropriate shipping materials in January, and I sent in my phone on Jan 3rd. I am still getting billed for that amount because the inspection on my phone still has not been completed. I called customer service (three times) and they reassured me that I didn't have to pay that amount and to disregard this in my bill.


Unfortunately, I am getting emails every day telling me that my account is at risk for being shut off because of an outstanding balance. I don't feel comfortable paying this until I receive the trade in credit, but I also don't want my phone to get shut off. I have called customer service 3 times now and I even made an appointment in person at a local store. The clerk in the local store told me to "just pay the bill" and I will be compensated later. Like I said, this makes me uneasy as this was not my fault to begin with and I simply don't have the means to pay that upfront. I requested the shipping materials in the fall and it's now February 2021 and I'm still waiting for this to get resolved. Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated because I'm at wit's end. 

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