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Trade in Promo Credit Issue, UPS or Verizon Can't locate device sent and traded in.

Purchased a new phone 6/20/2021, with a $800 trade in device upgrade promotion. I received my new device 8/4/2021, then mailed back my Samsung S9 + lilac in color with the box and mailing label provided to me by Verizon with the tracking number of 1Z81RR180623112663.  Tracking Number showing in the system is outbound tracking 1Z4E9W390676106268.


As of 8/2021 the monthly promotional credit show be reflecting on my monthly bill in the amount of $26.66. This should be the same promotional credit that is set up on another line of my account ended in 0045.


1/16/2022 – Spoke with Trade In Department and they advised they did not have my trade in I sent back. They provided me with the tracking number of my return. While on hold, I contacted UPS and they advised it was received by Verizon and signed for. CS Rep returned back on the phone and advised they did find that they received my phone and they would be initiating a promo correction for my line of 5092.

1/16/2022 – Received call from Trade in Dept. Supervisor who advised they received my request and they do show that they received my trade in phone. They will be initiating a refund and promo code correction.

1/18/2022 – Received call from Trade in Dept. and they advised they are still working on the issue and can’t confirm they received my phone and it has not been resolved as they had not received the device. So I ask, which is it, they received it or not. She advised they are looking into it, and they will work on the promo correction. She stated she will contact me on 1/20/22 with a follow up on as to what is going on.

1/18/22 – Contact Verizon CS Rep. Judith J. who advised after listening to the issue, she was attempting to make the promo code correction herself and was not able to. She then advised her Supervisor Vincent Green was going to call me back within a few hours. That was at 3:30PM and never received a call from him.

1/19/2022 – Speaking with Nick Customer service rep online chat, he left the conversation abruptly after speaking with me for approximately 20 minutes.

1/19/2022 – Customer Svc Rep. Candice provided me the submission ID number for my trade in associated with my order – 837599526582379  - She mentioned more than likely it is sitting in the warehouse and they just haven’t checked it in as received. Initiating a ITTS (Inventory Travel Ticket) Number – 7670901 / 3-5 days to clear up. Call back if I don’t see an update on the account. 

1/26/2022 - Called back and as soon as I was finished explaining the situation and looking for an update, the CS rep hung up on me. 

1/26/2022 - Called back and as soon as I was finished explaining the situation and looking for an update, the CS rep hung up on me. 

2/8/2022 – To date, I never received a follow up after my conversation with Candice on 1/19/2022. No follow up from the Trade in Department claim I filled or the ITTS filed.

Customer Support

We always want the promotional traded in credits to go smoothly, and I'm sorry to learn that wasn't the case for you. I will do all I can to help. Because we would need to access your account, I will also send a Private Note.