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Trade-in and Customer Service Nightmare

My Verizon trade in and customer service nightmare:  I was lied to about promotional trade in value on my account by local Verizon store manager and chat agent. Customer service agents have not returned my call and my situation has still not been resolved.


  • Went to local Verizon store and manager said I have offer on my account which allows me to trade in my phone and get $579 off new phone
  • I agreed to move forward and manager transferred my information onto new Iphone 12pro max, charged me tax + upgrade fee
  • After I paid, he went onto my account to print label to return old phone and trade in label said $100, so I questioned it.  He chatted with chat agent and confirmed that even with that I still have $579 promo
  • I took a picture of the chat with Verizon confirming the $579 for proof in case I needed it, thank goodness


  • Went online to view my account and did not see what I expected, so I called to confirm before mailing my phone in. I also saw that once you mail phone in that you cannot get it  back.
  • Agent told me there was no 579 promo. I asked to speak to supervisor and explained  what I was told and that is why I went through with the upgrade.
  • Supervisor called the store and the manager admitted that he told me that and confirmed chat agent told him that. Supervisor asked me to send pic too, so I did that.
  • She said she would contact me Tuesday and talk to her supervisor about resolution.


  • Supervisor emailed me that she was tied up and would be late calling me. I waited and waited and no one called me back or responded via email.


  • I spoke to a chat agent and person on the phone. Both got a hold of the supervisor. The supervisor stated to them that she would call me shortly.
  • Waited and no call back.


  • I spoke to another Verizon agent. She told me she would send supervisor a note. She apologized for horrendous experience I had and said she will help me, since she did not get response from supervisor.
  • 2 hours on the phone later, she said she filed an escalation for investigation. She informed me she would handle my case and call me back in 24hours and it will likely be resolved. I asked her for her email because I was getting very frustrated with no responses and so many hours of my life wasted with customer services agents all week long.
  • She sent me her email info via text. It was from, which I quested and she said this is this apparently third party Verizon uses that handles customer calls


  • 24 hours later, no one has reached out to me so I call Verizon again
  • I explain to now the 10th customer service agent what has happen and he said hold on we are going to get you corporate supervisor to get immediate resolution
  • I am on hold for over an hour, no one responding with update or anything. I give up for the day so I can go make dinner for my family.


  • This morning- I should be enjoying my day off, but I am frustrated and disappointed in Verizon enough to take the time to write and share this experience.
  • I have been a loyal customer of Verizon and this is the worst customer service experience that I have ever had in my life.
  • I would never recommend anyone to go with Verizon after this and if you are with them, please do not trust anyone about the trade-in.  I  personally will also never go into a Verizon store again.
  • I cannot believe that my situation still has not been resolved.
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Re: Trade-in and Customer Service Nightmare
Sr. Member

Seems to be a recurring problem as others have had same or similar issue my experience with chat is get scripts for reply and including supervisor basically talking to yourself same with calling where they ignore any complaint and hang up on you

Re: Trade-in and Customer Service Nightmare

I’m having a similar issue. I bought two phones with plans online Nov 21st.

I just assumed that Verizon would be exceptionally skilled at selling phones and plans in a friction free manner.

Unfortunately I was wrong to assume a cell phone provider would make it easy to buy, um... cell phones from them. I’ve spend hours and hours spread across many days and many support venues. I’ve chatted with them, talked on the phone with them, went over to a local corporate Verizon store, email too. I’ve spoken with a supervisor. All to no avail. 

Somehow they were able to quickly process their sale, on my card in an instant, so they are pretty good at getting money from people. And it looked like everything might work out after one of the two phones arrived. Got it up and running as one would expect.

The second phone, well “we” aren’t sure...

I’ve been told it’s on the way.
I’ve been told it’s on hold because I haven’t paid Verizon a cent yet according to their records.
I’ve had to provide proof of their transaction on my card.
I’ve been told by a supervisor that everything is fine, there is a record of my payment. No worries, the phone will be on it’s was soon.

This wasn’t accomplished on a single call or anything. It took hours of effin around.

I check the order status this morning and lo and behold....

Order # 3086xxxx
Location code: N83xxxx
Order placed: Nov 21

“ Your order is on hold until you take action.”

“ Please resubmit your payment information or use a different payment method. Update payment information”


A half-hour chat session later and I’m given a phone number for 

“you need to contact our CORE: 866-338-7390”
“You may also try our with our Customer Service: 800-922-0204 or *611 on your phone”


why!??? Support is telling me to call support !

So I ask if maybe they could contact the other support group(s) and tell them what we discussed and what they’re seeing in their system and maybe true that up...

I pointed out that since I’m not a Verizon employee familiar with Verizon support departments and their specific functions and workflows, perhaps they could sort it out without having to have me act as a project manager.

It would be nice if they’d take ownership and un-7uck their internal dirt in their own and then just let me know it’s really fixed and that the phone is on the way and they’re expediting because they appreciate my business more than ATT did. 



Re: Trade-in and Customer Service Nightmare
Customer Support

I'm sorry you have been having this difficult situation Apatel2. We never want you to have a different trade in credit. What device were you trading in? What date did you upgrade or was this new service?