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Trade in missing, store and support of no help.

I'm very upset with Verizon. Phone customer service has been of no assistance, I'm using this as a last-ditch effort to find help before I ditch Verizon altogether.

I entered my local Verizon store on September 20th to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I received my phone, traded in my old one, all good.

In November I get a bill for $700+. As it turns out, Verizon claims they never recived my old device. Which I had reset in-store and gave to them. 

I contacted Verizon support, and they advised me to visit the store and see if they could find my lost device. I was also told that "a note has been made on your account to not pay the charge for the rest of your device". But my balance due remained. I went ahead and paid it to avoid any service disruptions. 

I visit the store, they look at me puzzled, stating that they should have given me a box and a return label for my previous device and I should have shipped it off myself. I was never given my old device or a box and return label. They said they would get into contact with the manager to check the camera footage, and to give them a week. I follow back up after a week, and she starts asking me questions to get information on my old device stating that she thinks that it was sent to the wrong warehouse. I asked about checking the camera footage and was told "well we just need to do this". I was told to check back with them, I did, no response. So did they check it and see that I was not given my device back? Probably. After a few phonecalls to Verizon and being told to get with the store, and the store being unresponsive to my issue, I have no idea what to do.

I'm unbelievably upset with Verizon over this. The device is missing, nobody can find it, and support is being of no assistance. If this does not get resolved, I will be leaving Verizon. Forget Beyond Unlimited, I'm Beyond angry. I have been with them for some years and never had an issue, even on my families old plan.


Does anyone have any advice?

Re: Trade in missing, store and support of no help.

Find the IMEI, Verizon May have records.  Then have them search for it by that.