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Trade-in promo still not applied

I switched to Verizon from Tmobile in November during black Friday promo. I brought over 5 lines. I got 2 free phones (with credit), and 3 phone upgrades with credits. All have been applied except for one. I traded in an iPhone 11 for a 13. I was supposed to get $1000 credit. The phone wasn't in stock until December so the CSR who did all the transfer for me said I'd still get $1000 credit even if I don't get the phone until December. Phone finally in stock and I get it delivered and do the trade in. They receive the phone on Dec 21. I chat with rep asking for credit, and they're completely clueless saying I did no trade in. I showed them trade in submission ID and then they're like oh ok...I'm submitting the form for you right now and you'll get response in 2 weeks. Month later, nothing. They said to wait 2 billing cycles. I wait. Still nothing. Talked to CSR again, this one also clueless until I share submission ID and tracking ID showing they got the phone. They're like yup we got it. Let me start trade in for you. I said thanks. They said wait 2 billing see where this is going. I did this one more time to no avail. I ended up getting busy with personal life. My father unfortunately got cancer in March and I was taking care of him. He passed away in June. It's just been hectic and I finally reached out again today. CSR again clueless until I shared submission ID and he goes oh ya there it is...then says because you didn't resolve this in 3 months from when you did trade in that I won't get any credit now. Told him to escalate it and give me a call back from supervisor. He said tomorrow someone will reach out to me. I see a lot of issues on here regarding promo not being applied. What can I do? I'm not sure if I'll even get a call back tomorrow. I'm also missing $400 ($200x2) promo on the 2 android phones I traded-in for. I have emails from verizon saying I should be getting that, but also never applied.

Re: Trade-in promo still not applied
Customer Support

First, I do want to give my condolences. I know this is the last thing you want to deal with. I would love to see what I can do to help. Please check your private message. -Amber