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Trade in value different from what salesperson promised - escalating complaint, considering legal / regulatory action

Verizon support /@vzw_customer_support - I recently wanted to move 2 of my 3 mobile lines from T-Mobile to Verizon and get 2 new phones in the process. During the sales conversation, the representative recommended that I switch the 3rd line and phone as well since the 3rd new phone would not cost me anything given the trade-in values of my old phones (2 iPhone XRs and 1 iPhone 8). The rep looked up and promised $800 trade in for each of my 2 iPhone XR's and $400 trade in credit for my iPhone 8. After I received and set up the new phones, I filled out the trade in form for the first old XR and the website showed the correct estimated trade in value of $800. When I filled out 2nd form for the 2nd phone (same model XR as the first one), it indicated $115 trade-in value. For the iPhone 8, it showed $68 trade in value. I would not have moved the 3rd line to Verizon (or bought the 3rd phone) if it was not for the quoted trade-in values. I expect Verizon to honor the offered deal, which was that my trade in phones would be worth $2,000 (800 + 800 + 400). As I started the trade-in process, Verizon is telling me that I will get $988 instead (800 + 115 + 68), which is over $1,000 less than I was promised. I contacted the sales person and he said he would get the amounts adjusted on the back end by escalating; however, that process has not produced a result. I also contacted customer support via chat and their recommendation was to just send the phones in even though the trade in values shown are incorrect. Before I give up my assets (old phones) that Verizon told me are worth $2k, I want Verizon to tell me that's how much they'll give me for them. My understanding is that once I send the phones in, I cannot get them back, and I would interpret me sending them in as a sign of acceptance of the incorrect trade-in values that the website is currently displaying. If Verizon will not honor the trade-in value promise it made, I plan to file a regulatory complaint with the FCC and sue Verizon in small claims court for the difference. I hope this issue can be resolved without involving legal / regulatory third parties. Please contact me as soon as possible with the next steps toward resolution.

Re: Trade in value different from
Customer Support

Thank you for that information, we can understand your desire to  obtain clarity about your trade-in devices before you send them in.  I am happy to look into this for you, can you please send us a Privat Message, so we can discuss? 


[email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]

Verizon support /@vzw_customer_support - following up on this... after multiple private messages on 4/27, support indicated that the trade-in value adjustments would happen after the phones are received by the Returns Center. UPS tracking says that the phones were received before 9am on 5/3. Can you please apply the adjustments?