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Unacceptable response to lost UPS package

I ordered a silver Apple iPhone 11 Pro (256gb) from Verizon last week. I selected "pick up at UPS" after a failed delivery attempt and due to the fact nobody would be at home for the next attempt. I went to pick up the package on Monday at the UPS distribution center in Aliso Viejo, CA and was told they couldn't find it but would call me when it turned up. Over the next several days, I received phone calls saying they could not locate the package but would keep looking. On Wednesday, I was told the package was considered lost and to notify Verizon. I filed a claim with Verizon, and then I filed one with UPS due to the fact the loss of the package was UPS's fault.

I checked the status of the claim today and it said the claim was closed and for further info, to contact Verizon. I did so and spent an hour on the phone with them while they figured it out. They attempted to cancel the order and send me a new one, but said UPS's status was the incident was still under investigation. Verizon got on a conference call with UPS and myself, and the UPS rep said the claim was closed and they determined the package was not delivered to me. Verizon attempted to submit a new order but UPS's status was under investigation and the package would be delivered 2-21. Verizon told me all we can do is wait and see if it comes on the 21st. 

I have no tracking information that says the package will be delivered the 21st. My face to face conversation with a UPS employee at the Aliso Viejo distribution center was that the package was lost and to file a claim. 

I want this matter resolved immediately. I was on the phone with both UPS and Verizon when the UPS rep said the claim was closed and I did not receive the package. It is unacceptable that I now have to wait an additional week to see if by chance the package shows up on this magical date of 2-21, when I have ZERO tracking information stating this date. I also have screenshots from the UPS claim dashboard showing the UPS claim is CLOSED.

I am not going to spend another hour on the phone running in circles. I want this resolved immediately and a new phone sent immediately. Otherwise I want my $109 upgrade fee refunded and I will take my business to AT&T.