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Upgrade Transparency

My account says I'm eligible for an upgrade. Nowhere does it show the effect on my bill to such an upgrade. Simple questions:

  1. If I upgrade to the same phone (Google Pixel), how does my monthly bill change?
  2. What is my bill now versus what will it be?
  3. Are there one time transaction costs to effect the upgrade?
  4. How much (exactly) are those transaction costs?
  5. I believe I purchased my last phone. That doesn't appear to be an option now. What is the cost comparison between the cost of my old phone and a new one?
  6. If the new phone is a lease phone, how long is the lease period?
  7. Can I choose to purchase a phone instead of leasing one?
  8. Can I choose to purchase a similar phone on my own (not from Verizon) and activate it on my account?
  9. Are there extraneous costs for doing so?
  10. If I want to upgrade to a Google Pixel phone with twice the memory (64GB instead of the 32GB that I currently have), what extra costs would I incur?
  11. Are there any Federal or State laws mandating such transparency in billing and upgrade costs?
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Re: Upgrade Transparency

All of this information is available to you, you just have to look for it.

1. Why would you buy another Google Pixel, I would recommend upgrading to a newer device like the Google Pixel 3. the price of this device is available on this website. If you finance this device, your bill will change by the amount you financed divided by 24 for 24 monthly payments.

2. I don't know what your bill is now, I'm sure your current billing would show you this amount.

3.There is a one time upgrade fee of $30 that will be billed on your next bill (also on this website)

4. see above

5. You could buy your new phone outright if you'd like and not finance it, that cost is also available on this website. If you want to compare the price, you could find your receipt for the purchase of your last phone.

6. Verizon does not lease phones,once you finish paying off the financed amount, the device belongs to you.

7. see #5 and #6

8. You can buy any compatible phone and activate in on your service. There is no requirement to buy your device from Verizon. You can check the compatibility with the BYOD tool on this website.

9. NO

10. See #1 and #3

11. I'm sure there probably are laws dictating such, since you have the same web access that I do, I imagine you could probably look up those specific laws if you wished to. Again, all of this information is available on this website. None of this information is hidden. Verizon does a very good job of informing it's customers, some simply refuse to read the terms and conditions of service. Probably because it's lengthy and uses some complicated terminology which we can thank those laws and regulations for.

Re: Upgrade Transparency
Verizon Employee

bwcaguy, as a consumer myself, I understand the importance in having all the details associated with a large purchase and how it will effect my bill. Help is here as your concerns are valid concerns and we always want you to be in the know before proceeding with your upgrade. Let's ensure this happens as we want upgrading your device to be a fun and exciting process. Because your questions are account specific,I’ve sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox at to discuss further details about your concern.