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Verizon HAS PUT TO SCREWS TO A LOT OF PEOPLE..!!! First the phone you had were fine til they changed the network... my phone was fine, then one day I couldn't call notice nothing...

Went to Verizon said we had to upgrade.. so we said okay I told the little tart that My husband and I are on budget SS income and we couldn't afford nothing real expensive our other phone bill was on 82 dollars for 2 phones..... so she says OK.. by the time we left I had gave her 113.00 on my credit card then 45 dollars cash... She uploaded stuff from my old phone and I told her I could do this I know how to bring stuff from my old phone to the new..I would do ... Nope she didn't listen

... so i get my bill a few weeks later mind you 185.00 !!! I called Verizon ... they take away 70 bucks.. credit they said because I was a long time customer.. the next bill I get is 29.00 dollars..I called them asked what is this.. they said this is your Bill I said OK I said what about next month  agent said... your monthly bill will 138 .00 what my phone bill doubled almost to what was paying for before the upgrade..this is so much of a joke... so this month..i get a bill for 170 some dollars... cant call them its a 45 minute wait.. cant chat with one answers... so then I'm looking at my bill it says each of my phones is being charged for paper bill.. I never ask for paper bill I ask why did i not receive my bill in mail anymore.. they said I ask for it..I didn't... but what ever haven't received a bill from them in over a year.. but now I'm being charged for a bill to be sent in us mail... what a joke..

then if you call someone the person is in India.. cant hardly speak English... and so I guess Verizon is really putting the screws to old people like me.. I can tell you I will never... have Verizon again.. or a phone after the two yr contract  its a joke...

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It's been all over the news for the last 2yrs that 3g was being discontinued and its not just verizon its all carriers.  Old technology being replaced with new.  If you hardly use a phone a simple trac phone might be better for you and cheaper.    Mary

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Oh, no! It breaks our heart to see you in this dilemma. The last thing we want is for you to have a negative impression of us. Our goal is to provide a world-class experience. We know the importance of managing your bill, especially if you are administering your finances. Rest assured we are here to help. Please send us a Private Note to further assist you.    ~Gilbert