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The letter I am mailing to the "Correspondence Team" - WHY A LETTER IN 2020 during COVID?


To Whom it may Concern,

I want to make it clear from the start that I will be posting this letter on every social media site that I have access to. I am writing today to discuss the lack of customer service I have experienced with the Verizon Wireless customer service team over the past few weeks.

What this all comes down to – I was told by a customer service representative a few months ago to inactivate safety mode, she temporarily put us on an unlimited plan, told us that we would revert back to our old plan with safety mode activated and would not have to worry about creating additional charges or having to call back. $737 later we were charged for data overages and I was told that they were working with us. I SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CHARGED $0.01 in overages if what I was told would have happened because safety mode would have gone back on and additional charges would not have accrued.

The timeline and additional detail:

In March/April we lost internet service and our service with Verizon started to slow. My husband is a FIRST RESPONDER and this cannot happen for him to safely do his job. I called 3 times and talked to someone on the Verizon Wireless chat regarding this. It was not until the 3rd individual and hours later that we discovered a loophole with Verizon’s safety mode being activated and not allowing the 15 additional GBs of data to start. As a result, she temporarily put us on an unlimited plan where the line would not slow down due to my husband being a first responder and high congestion times.

The lady I spoke with was very nice and explained that she needed to get creative because even though I turned safety mode off (because I was told to by a representative before her) it would not kick back in until the next billing period. I confirmed this by going onto the questions and answers for safety mode on Verizon Wireless’ website. I told her I was fine with that as long as I DID NOT HAVE TO CALL BACK TO TURN SAFETY MODE BACK ON OR INCUR ADDITIONAL CHARGES and that we would revert back to our old plan. She reassured me that I would not incur additional charges, safety mode would go back on, and we would revert to our old plan.

Fine – I didn’t think anything of it. I was reassured that everything would revert back and we would not incur additional charges.

On June 15th my husband got a phone call from Verizon asking him to call them back. I DID NOT RECEIVE THE SAME PHONE CALL. The lady that he spoke with asked him if he wanted to go onto an unlimited plan. He asked what the bill was at that time, and she said $250, which was just a little more than what we were paying each month. He asked why he would switch if it were more than what we were paying. Nothing additional was explained!!!

On June 21st I received a text message stating that our bill was $737.84 – over $500 more than we typically pay. MY HUSBAND DID NOT RECEIVE SUCH MESSAGE. He called and was on the phone for over 3 hours at which time the gentleman he was talking to said he was going to have his supervisor call him back but he wasn’t sure if that would be that day since she was working out of California. June 22nd – July 2nd we did NOT receive a call back from anyone!!!!!!!

On July 2nd we called back and after being on the phone for over an hour we were told that a supervisor would be calling us back. We spoke with Andrew McCreery who said the most he was willing to do was give us $300 towards our bill – this was an additional 2 hours on the phone with my husband. Again, based on what we were told we should not have been charged $0.01 additional as a result of additional data if safety mode were activated.

Mr. McCreery called me back later in the day and explained that since we showed precedence that we were able to login in March when our data slowed we needed to take responsibility for the overages and they would only give $300 toward the overages. Again, why would we log in if we did not have any issues with data slowing? Mr. McCreery explained that Verizon was a for profit organization and they had a responsibility to the shareholders. I ask Mr. McCreery if he was willing to lose a customer, who was going to pay thousands of dollars over the years due to a $200 discrepancy and he explained again that they were working with us. I am not sure where the miscommunication was occurring on the prior conversations that we had – we should not have incurred any additional charges.  

I asked to speak with Mr. McCreery’s supervisor and he put me in contact with Donnett. Donnett was arguing with me as well and explained that the most she could do was $300 towards our bill. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she told me this was the farthest this CALL could be escalated. She threatened that if I did not take the $300 now it would not be possible for me to get anything off of my bill in the future regarding this matter. I asked her if she was willing to lose a customer, who was going to pay thousands of dollars over the years over $200 and she explained again that they were working with us – we should not have incurred any additional charges. She gave me this address and applied the $300 credit.

What I did not explain to Andrew or Donnett – I also oversee an account that pays over $3,500 a month and has over 100 lines and will be switching that plan as well. I am also in contact with a network of hundreds of school district treasurers throughout the state and even more throughout the country and will be sharing my experience with them as well.

After all of this was said and done, all of a sudden, magically I started receiving messages that we only had 25% and 10% data remaining. As if someone that I had been talking to corrected something that was incorrect on our account.

I made my husband switch to Verizon and I can honestly say that you have LOST A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

I hope this gets to the appropriate party and you can feel the frustration of hours of grief over something we were told to do. Something Verizon should have made right.


Disappointed Former Customer,


Customer Support

We appreciate you reaching out and can certainly understand your frustration after such an ongoing issue, walmega. Granted the extensiveness of the issue, I have sent you a Private Note, so we can further discuss everything that is going on and ultimately find a viable resolution.


Sr. Member

Safety mode disables when you switch to unlimited. You would have received an overage notification as a heads up -- a bill over $700 says it was ignored. Safety mode is also easy to toggle from the app, the original rep you spoke with should have instructed you to do this on the next bill cycle.

You should have also been directed to instead of just messing with plans.