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I am saddened to describe the multiple horrific issues that Verizon has caused for me and even my health. Also please note that apologize for taking your time and for considering legal action with possible arbitration, as I am not a problematic difficult individual. The situations I have had to encountered are so horrible and sickening that I am in the sad obligation to go this far in seeking remedy.


Customer Loyalty and extended continuous servicing background: I have been a loyal Paying customer since the year 2015. 04/06/2018, was the date I had my own official line transferred from a group plan with Verizon that initiated in 2015. Basically, I am a 5 year loyal customer. (previous phone number under my name Importantly, I beg Verizon considers that absolutely all of my purchases that involve tech gear, accessories, and up to date cellphones have been solely and only purchased with Verizon. All of this may be confirmed in my account history.



May 6th, 2020- 

1st Verizon caused error/incident that caused horrific on going stress and a missed work day.

i called Verizon to add a new line as I want to bring my elderly father as a new Verizon customer. On the phone with Representative , I mention I have an old galaxy note 9 phone for a trade in credit. She then advises she will assist with my new line add on, my new phone purchase for my father, and further info on how to trade in my note 9. Before she hangs up in the middle of our call she advises she “submitted” and “notated” I would be turning in a trade in old phone and PROMISED me a 250$ reward which I found odd. RECEIPTS below.  She hangs up purposely so then I am put on another long hold, which caused me half missed day of work. I then get to speak to rep, who processed my new line add on and device galaxy s8 purchase for my fathers line. She advised the trade in to be turned in when I pick up my new phone at the los angeles victra store.


MAY 7TH, 2020-

2nd Verizon caused error/incident that caused horrific on going stress and public humiliation.

I am notified my order is ready. Order placed:05 /06/2020 Order Number:          Location code:      0423101 Pickup location details Location:     VICTRA LOS ANGELES S SEPULVEDA 8726 S. SEPULVEDA BLVD LOS ANGELES. Upon pick up in store rep cannot locate it and takes 2 hours to finally find it in the system. I respectfully asked to please look further as I was worried and she was extremely rude and yelled at me in front of the other people around. The customers and employees laughed at me as I walked out. She finds my pick up order and claimed she found my device trade in order as well. I turn in my galaxy note 9 and am told that I would reieve 250$ credit which i never did.I leave with my phone purchase.


May 12th, 2020-

3rd incident from Verizon that caused my father’s disappearance for two days.

realize the WRONG PHONE Was ordered from the first rep on the phone. As the phone was for my father and I am extremely busy with my job, I did not realize it was a note 10 and NOT the iphoneXR my dad can use. I then call and process the exchange. My father did not know how to operate the galaxy note 10 and was lost in the street as he has dementia. His morning caregiver relied on the GPS location finding knowledge on the iphone he thought he had, and I thought so as well as the prev reps confirmed. I am told the iphone would be expedited for delivery next day confirming this is due to my poor experience. You can only imagine how long and stressful those days were while trying to locate my lost father.


May 18th – May 30th, 2020—

4th incident/error from Verizon that led to my COVID19 contraction and still sad ongoing stress.

 I was of course lied to again and am yet to receive the phone as promised by the rep. My father continues to suffer without a phone. After multiple continuous calls causing anxiety and stress I am told VERIZON has some issues and I have to go myself to a UPS location facility to try and find the phone. I was told to continue calling for updates. May 30th, after my daily stressful calls Getting the run round to know what’s going on with my dads line, a rep confirms the UPS facility location i must go to get the phone or else i get charged. I take a day off work and drive to this facility on mcKineley ave in los angeles to accuire the phone. The lot is filled with people and I spent 4hours at this location until i got the iphone. Sadly exactly 7days later covid19 symptoms arrised on my body.  i tested POSITIVE for Covid-19 06/10/2020. I had begun work from home and absolutely took my precautions serious  so my agonizing trip having To talk to multiple People , touching items running around the ups facility unfortunetly led me to contract COVID-19.



June 6th, 2020-

5th incident error from Verizon that caused horrific on going stress and public humiliation.

SINCE I finally got the correct phone for my father I RETURN THE PHONE TO THE SAME STORE, AND AM AGAIN MISTREATED BY THE SAME REP who is upset I am there claiming the pandemic should “make my butt stay home”  (HER exact words) my apologies for word usage.   I leave in humiliation again. Please note and consider that Throughout all of this I continue to be a loyal customer even purchasing  phone upgrades and accessories. I always maintained the professionalism, patience, and respect to all Verizon reps I encounter despite the nightmare I am living with because of them. I am nobody to judge an employee’s conduct. My heart would never allow me to be rude to anybody, i am a worker like you all and feel we all deserve respect and understanding.


August 8th-

6THh incident error from Verizon that led to horrific on going stress and anxiety panic attack.

I see my bill is at almost 2k. I lose my mind upon seeing my bill.  I call to see what is happening and am told after a 45min hold While I am in deep concern, that hat the exchange was “misplaced in the warehouse “and not to worry as the charges for the non-return note 10 fees would be removed. She confirmed my receipts and documents for my return equipment.


My attempts to resolve all this include my an important contact via chat on 08/18/2020 with rep michelle who spent 3 hours obtaining my problem description info. She was able to get me a partial credit on my account, however none of this has been resolved appropriately because of the first errors made since May. All the mistakes caused great damage even in my health. It is sickening to deal with such terrifying horror and consequences with a company whom I respect and keep true loyalty with. Honestly I am not  probably will never be that customer who complains or falsely claims remedies.  Never in my life have I submitted a complaint due to a bad experience. My apologies but this was and continues to be a horrific living nightmare that I feel I should be heard at least.



REQUESTED REMEDY FROM VERIZON:  these 6 incidents almost caused me my life, this has led me to just not even want to own a cell phone. I please ask for Verizon to take into consideration the unspeakable challenges and life emergencies caused to first off REMOVE the charges not belonged to me, and as a loyalty suffering customer experience courtesy I feel I should ask for Verizon to accommodate me in a way to retain me as a customer as my plans are to leave Verizon for good. I suggest if at all possible, the full pay off’s from Verizon to both phones on my account. Please note that what I seek as a remedy is far below what i  encountered, what I spent with your company as a consumer, and far more than the charges that were never suppose to be in my account. Please take a look upon confirming my dispute details and related documentation. I please don’t want to come off as rude demanding customer who mentions they will never do business again as a threat to seek their gain. I just do not feel comfortable continuing business with Verizon anymore if an appropriate remedy isn’t done to me. I am sorry for this as I hate to even type this all out.




There are inconsistencies in your post.

The Victra stores are not VZW corporate stores. They are a third party retailer and can often have different policies regarding purchases and trade in devices. 

Are all the purchases you mentioned for just one line? First you mention a Galaxy S8, then a Galaxy Note 10, and finally the iPhone XR for your dad's line. Did you order a phone and then canceled it and ordered a different phone? 

Why didn't you order any of the phones online and have them shipped to you?

There are pieces of this story missing. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Customer Support

lolo223233333, We're truly sorry to learn that you've had such experiences with us that caused you to want to leave and risks to your health.  We can definitely take a look at your account concerns together. We have sent you a Private Note. Please respond at your earliest convenience.  

Sr. Member

People need to learn self-serve tools instead of expecting CS to do everything for them. Only time to ever call to order a phone/add a line is if there was an error online.

As Ann pointed out, Victra isn't a Verizon store. That's like buying an iPad from Target and calling it an Apple store. Your story also has so many inconsistencies. If he's an iPhone user, why are we even mentioning a Galaxy S8 with the add a line? 

If Covid was contracted going out, that's unfortunate, but isn't on Verizon, Victra or any shipper. Only go out when it's 100% necessary and with a mask on. Things such as cell phone orders and returns can be handled online. UPS even has a pick up from home option and have had it since before Covid.

Last time I personally dealt with a store relating to purchasing a phone was back when the Moto Razer flip phone was new. With way easier access online these days and everything having an app, no reason to deal with stores or reps to buy a phone.