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VZW Customer Service over the Phone has become absolutely wretched in last 2 years

I'm not going to waste the pain in my hands to describe fully what I just went thru the last 2 days but the over the phone customer service has done nothing but get worse.  Long story short i just upgraded to the iphone 12, in store, but realized that I should have went w/ my initial choice and gone w/ the PRO.  Not only did i spend 7 hours over the last 24 on HOLD, I spoke to 7 Reps.  (2) of which were in the middle of fulfilling what I called in for and the other (5) that I am still trying to figure out how they even have a place in the customer service field.  (not just w/ VZW, the whole industry).  

Now I spent 7 years as a VZW Sales Rep so I know the policies and  I also know the loop holes and yesterday those 5 reps didn't even want to say the word "try" in the same sentence as loop holes.  I have heard the horror stories and the successful ones where the customer praised the Rep for getting them exactly what they called in for. 

My local VZW store just closed b/c of COVID, and I had not known this until I went to exchange.  the next location is an hour away and I have a 4 year old that i take care of myself as well as work 50 hours a week, so i did not have time to pursue any other options.  Yes, I should have called 611 before my 14 days, but i know and I have done an exchange with in 30 days when I was a REP.  As I mentioned, (2) of the Reps were going to do the process and displayed awesome Cust Service, but we lost connectivity and i was on hold for 2 hours each tme calling back.  

All I wanted to do was exchange a 12 for a 12 PRO.  i had no issue w/ a restock fee or the difference i have to pay.  but now i'm stuck w/ a device i do not want for 23 months.  the reps could have taken my trade in promo away and i would not have cared as long as they fulfilled their duties as a rep to help out a customer.

I really hope things turn around b/c even if your phone service is impeccable, customers are still jumping ship to be able to deal w/ impeccable customer service.  And I know this first had because I am still in the industry.