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VZW shipped me an empty box, phone missing, now I have to jump through hoops.

I'm curious as to how often this happens to others and how long the process takes to fix.

I ordered the new iPhone 13 Max Pro along with a new case and screen protector. The box arrived from FedEx today and did not contain the phone, just the case and screen protector.

I called FedEx and they did not have any additional packages - the VZW site also says it was all shipped together. I connected with three different reps with VZW and only the last one told me that I would need to file a claim with FedEx so that it could be investigated. The second rep took over an hour to find an answer and ultimately disconnected.

When I got to the third rep, I pointed out that the shipping receipt does NOT list an iPhone - only the case and screen protector. I sent a copy of that receipt. The rep herself pointed out that "you have everything working in your favor since the package was only one pound;" meaning that there is NO WAY it could've been packed with a phone, case and screen protectors. 

Now I have to wait for FedEx to finish their investigation which will, I'm sure, turn into a battle with VZW. I have a box with just accessories and no phone. Yet, I'm being charged for the phone. The FedEx website says that I have to obtain a waiver on letterhead from VZW and I just know that is going to be a mess.

I asked if they could just track/disable the phone itself and nothing. So, someone in their warehouse either stole a phone or scanned it in and didn't actually put it into the box. 

What am I supposed to do? Does this happen often? If so, do they ever take responsibility?

Re: VZW shipped me an empty box, phone missing, now I have to jump through hoops.
Customer Support


Thank you for reaching out to us today. We are sorry to read about what is happening with your order. Shopping and waiting for a new device should be an exciting time, and this is never the experience that we want you to have. We definitely want to figure this out and would be happy to double-check your account with you to try to find out what happened with the order. Please be on the lookout for a Private Message from us. Thanks. ~Roger

Re: VZW shipped me an empty box, phone missing, now I have to jump through hoops.

A similar instance happened to me today. I saw Fedex pull up. There was no signature required which I thought was odd. I opened the box and my receipt, iPhone box, and charger were there but no phone.  There was no plastic wrap or sticker on the phone’s box as I’ve seen on previous phones, so it seems it was tampered with along it’s route to me. The rep I spoke with said it would take 3-5 business days to get a response. I’m truly hoping it will be resolved without having to make payments on a whole I don’t have.  Hopefully this has been resolved for you by now.