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Verizon Account Hacked, which affected my Bank Account

I went to the eye doctor.  When I used my debit card to pay them, they notified me that my account had been hacked.  I called the fraud department at Verizon:

I contacted the fraud department at Verizon:  $800 billed to my account, which included Verizon Care.  Then there was Verizon digital chat at over $500, then another charge for $186.77.

The Fraud Dept for Verizon told me they'd look into it, & that I should also inform my bank's fraud department.

I notified my bank, & they stopped all those payments.

I have NOT even heard from Verizon.  Now I have a massive bill on my account.  I can't even pay what I currently owe.  Now I suppose they will cut off my service!  

By the way, I know this did not happen to only me.  If you recently purchased a new iPhone, check your bank account!

Re: Verizon Account Hacked, which affected my Bank Account
Customer Support

I am shocked to hear what happened. I do want to investigate this for you.Please meet me in a private message. 


Re: Verizon Account Hacked, which affected my Bank Account
Sr. Member

Hacking is running rampant these days and not just at Verizon.  My netflix was hacked 3 times in a month.  Then someone got into my Walmart and target accounts and tried to charge $500 worth of stuff for curbside pick up in another state.  Fortunately the fraud department at both stores caught it in minutes and stopped it as did my CC company who issued me new numbers.  My CC company texted me immediately about suspicious activity.   Hope you get it sorted.  I police my bank account daily and get a text any time there is a deposit or withdrawl and have my CC set to text me every time a purchase is made.  You have to go to extreme measures these days.     Mary