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Verizon Billing/Accounting Error

How does Verizon corrects Billing/Accounting?  I have tried everything with no solution.  Verizon billing errors on our line ending in 8464 the following amounts: of $83.59 one-time charge (accounting error by Verizon), $55.54 two months of promotional credits and $91.00 in additional taxes charged on the replacement cell (total amount of $230.13).  We have been trying to resolve Verizon’s discrepancy for almost two months, a total of 18 hour invested on our part.  We called and chatted with Verizon representatives’ many times with no solution.  We are not sure if its employee’s incompetence or Verizon’s policies and training to avoid addressing billing issues on a timely manner.  We have been put on a loop and provided the same responses several times.  Their responses have included we have to transfer you or they talk to the department which handles your issues.  Wait, wait, wait and no solution.  We have been told the adjustments will 72 hours, a week, or two weeks. The calls and chats are dropped leaving the customer frustrated and exhausted after hours on the phone.

We have been Verizon’s customers for many years and paid our bills in a timely manner.  However, if we do not see a solution, a correction, to our bill, we will disconnect line ending 8464 and also line ending in 5302 around June 4, 2022.

Background:  Feb 18 2022 we upgraded a Note 10+ and Note 9 512GB under the preorder promotion for the Galaxy S22 ultra 512GB.  Both the Note 10+ and Note 9 were assessed $1000 each.  We received the new cells at the end of February.  However, the cell for line ending on 8464 had a vertical pink line manufacturing defect on the left side of the screen.  Under the 30 days guarantee, we were able to return the cell with the defect and received a replacement.  Every step of the replacement process as well as the attempt to get the billing correction have been an ordeal to say the least. The new cell was a replacement for the cell with the defect not an upgrade.  The upgrade on the line ending in 8464 was going from the Note 9 to the Galaxy S22 ultra 512GB.

In March we view our estimated bill for Mar – April.  It showed a total bill of $336 and change.  This bill included the $83.59 one-time bill accounting error and did not include the $27.77 promotional credit nor the $91.00 in additional takes we paid. After calls and chats we were informed we would see the adjustments on the April to May bill.  Here we are May 24 and the April to May shows not adjustments plus does provided the $27.77 promotional credit.

It appears Verizon’s personnel do not document their customer transactions or communications because one has to repeat the same story over and over again.  Mind you they make a statement the call would be recorded for employ training.  Well, it is not working.  Neither they seem to be able to see accounts activities nor cell data such as IMEI.  Definitely the system leaves a lot to be desire or it is done on purpose.

As said at the beginning if we do not see the adjustments by June 4, 2022 we will close those two lines and move to another carries.