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Verizon Customer Service - Dial *611

I have had a Verizon mobile phone for over 20 years.  A few days ago I had several questions and called *611 from my Verizon mobile phone a few days ago.  I had hoped to have a live voice conversation with a real person.  To my surprise, my call was sent to a text message option.  I waited over eight minutes for someone to answer my "call/ text."  That wait time was totally unacceptable.  The lag time between my texts and his texts was very, very slow, over a minute each time.  Then... it became apparent that English was not the Rep's first language as his sentence structure and grammar was incorrect.  It became difficult to communicate my questions in a way he could understand.  I then asked him how I could call and have a voice conversation with someone at Verizon to get my questions answered.  His response was that he could do anything via text messages that any of the Reps on the voice side.  Since I had already spent 10 minutes texting with him, I continued the conversation with him.  But he was only able to help me with one question, and not the other two questions. 

Yesterday on 7/31/19, I again called *611 and held on the line until I was offered the option to SPEAK to a Verizon Rep.  I told her I frequently viewed my Verizon account online & had already searched the website for a way to send my feedback concerning several different issues to a Customer Service team where it would be read & responded to.  She said there was not an option online to do that.  She put me on hold and came back & told me abut this Forum option but said she couldn't promise me anyone at Verizon would read it or respond to it.  Then she was VERY unprofessional and told me that I should not expect to receive assistance from a Verizon Rep who spoke English as their first language.  She said no one in the US wanted to talk to customers on the phone, so those jobs often went outside the US.  Amazingly, she continued to share her personal views with me, the customer, on why I was expecting too much--- that maybe I was trying to change the whole socio-economic status of jobs on a global level.  I was astounded at how unprofessional she was!  I am educated, have worked as a manager for a global chemical company for many years.  At that company, if one of our customers had received this type of customer service, we would have counseled the Customer Service Rep, writen a note in their personnel file & possibly terminated them. 


I told her I woud like to get back to the reason why I called, and she told me how to find the Forum online.  At the end of the call, she asked me what I thought about the service I received on our phone call.  I told her she should never discuss her personal opinions with customers while doing her job.  I told her I thought it was unprofessional and she needed to improve how she dealt with customers.  I hope this conversation was recorded and SOMEONE at Verizon will contact me to get more info on this call.

Verizon management.... heads up!!!  Most of your customers in the US speak English and if we are calling with a problem, we want to have a VERBAL conversation with an English-speaking Rep.  I am a long-term customer, am well educated, have ALWAYS paid my bills on time every month.  And this is the service you provide to me?  I am NOT HAPPY with Verizon!