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Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone

I am at my wits end trying to deal with a billing issue where I am being

charged repeatedly for a huge amount that I do not owe. This has been

going on for almost five months and I’ve spent almost 15 hours talking to

Verizon reps on the phone and in chat who promise things but nothing ever

gets fixed. If it were for a lesser amount I would probably have just cut

my losses and moved on to another wireless provider, but I am being charged

$816.19 by Verizon and can’t stomach to just pay that amount for the

problem to go away.

To explain the situation on 9/13/16 I was billed $816.19 for an iPhone 7

for my wife. She changed her mind and we refused delivery on the phone.

It was sent back to the depot. A few weeks passed by and I had still not

received a refund so I checked with Verizon…they said the refund would be

coming soon. Some more time passed by and I felt that it would be wise to

dispute the amount with my credit card, knowing that the phone was returned

back in unopened new condition. Verizon has acknowledged that the phone

was returned.

On 10/7/16 my credit card company gave me a temporary credit while the

dispute was being processed. On 10/9/16 Verizon refunded me the amount

being disputed. The credit card company, noting Verizon’s refund,

rebilled me the amount that they gave me as a temporary credit. All seemed

well until on 10/26/16 Verizon somehow reversed the refund they gave me and

billed me again for the $816.19. This has been in dispute since that date.

On top of this, Verizon has billed me directly to my Verizon account. The

treasury department claims I was refunded too many times and they are

trying to recover the amount refunded to my credit card. The credit card

company, Chase, has explained to me various times that they charged be

twice and only refunded me once, so there’s no reason they should be trying

to get more money from me. My wireless account has repeatedly been

threatened with shutdown and collections for this amount. Somehow the

treasury department is missing something and not seeing that I was charged

twice for this amount.

I have talked with people at Verizon over the past few months and every

time they tell me to wait a week or two for the charges to go away, or wait

for a ticket to be filed, or an investigation. I have been extremely

patient but wasted far too much time on this. I have even been asked to

visit a Verizon corporate store to fax in my credit card statements to

prove the charges. When I arrived at the store the reps told me they

didn’t have a fax machine and it would be impossible. I was sent away.

So the phone reps told me to go to a store with my statements and the store

reps told me to call 1-800-VERIZON. It’s like an endless cycle of misery!

Now Verizon reps have been apologetic but say their hands are tied and

there’s nothing more than can do. So now I have no phone, it was returned

new, but am repeatedly being charged for the amount of a phone. The

credit card company says Verizon needs to call them to work this out, but

the Verizon people I talk to won’t give many more help or listen to me when

I say that they need to talk to Chase.

No customer should have to go through this. It’s completely destroyed my

trust in Verizon because several reps have promised that this would be

going away and I wouldn’t have to call again or follow up but each time

they were empty promises. I have chat transcripts to prove this.

I don’t know where to go at this point but I refuse to pay Verizon $816.19

when I have done nothing wrong. Patient people apparently just get

steamrolled by Verizon.

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Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone
Customer Support

Jerroe43 I've sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox at to discuss further details about your concern.

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Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone

Delores thank you for your private message.  Have you been able to look into this matter at all?  It is now escalated to where Verizon is demanding $816.19 in cash!  I'm being treated really terribly here by Verizon.

Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone

I am having the exact same issue except I'm being charged $1249.00 for a note 10 like new replacment that I indeed did return yet verizon has told me they have seen it in the warehouse and then i was told they didnt see it and it must have been lost in the mail yet my phones have gotten suspended and reactivated and threaten and I've as well spent multiple hours on the phone with reps matter of fact I have called 24 times and every single time the phones just disconnect on every single call n I've chatted in and been on the community and still nothing has been done to fix this issue at all and yet they still exspect me to pay these outrageous fees and I'm not because i know for a fact i returned the phone and have had a ticket made and still nothing no resolved issues! And it has me as well to my whits end and is so unbelievable how verizon does good paying customers and looses trust and still seem to not care at all!

Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone
Customer Support

We want to make sure this is properly investigated. We have sent you a private note, please reply to it, to further assist you.


Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone

I’m having this same issue! I’ve called Verizon a bunch of times and they are talking to me in circles. I sent the phone back and since they can’t find it they are charging me $1000 on my next bill. I’ve been with Verizon for years but this year I am going to have to find a new carrier. I’ve never given them any issues and I am not paying $1000 that I do not have! This company is providing a terrible customer experience for me as no one is able to give me any real answers to figure this out. 

Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone

I thought I was the only person caught up in this billing scheme, I'm in the same position. 

Verizon has now back charged me for 2 phones that I returned and is saying I owe them over $1600 for each.

Verizon instructed me to send one of the phones back and when i did they received it and said it wasn't the one they were asking for, I mailed the wrong phone. They proceeded to keep the phone,  tell me they wouldn't return it to me and then said they wouldn't credit me. 

I've spent about 12 hours on the phone and and countless instore visits to get this fixed. 

Verizon, help!!!!


Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone

Due to the age of this thread, it will be locked in order to keep discussions current. If you have the same or a similar question/issue we invite you to start a new thread on the topic.

Re: Verizon Repeatedly Billing me for Returned Phone
Customer Support

Oh, wow, I can't even imagine being billed so high, mlwatson5394. We want to investigate this for you to see what your options are at this time. Please meet us in a Private Message for further assistance.