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Verizon Security Flaw Issue, Lack Of Support, Weak Signal. Switch Company People!

Yes! There service has been really terrible. Very long wait time. It take about 30 to 1 hour just too reach for a operator. Once you're in, It take another 1 hour for a serious of question. The signal has been poor and prices are high, Many issue with the new 5g Signal.

Off topic: Verizon Security issue is a joke. Everything is link too the phone or one account. If you don't have access to anything even if you can provide them with some sort of ownership you're out of luck. 

Verizon promote security leak to THIEVES. Once the THIEVES have your device, If you having trouble logging in, They require a Security to gain access sent to your phone while the THIEVES already have your device. Majority people are not technical savvy, They will send the code direct to the phone, Than the THIEVES will have access to all their information, Now a day's people add their bank information on the bank. This is why I used a pre-paid card.


Switch Company People, Since this isn't a monopoly like our home internet, We have a variety of options. I am dealing problem with my provider through cox as well, If i have a choice, I move on to AT&T or Time Warner ( but our area don't support them ) We can switch to AT&T but our area don't offer Fiber network.

Don't Complain Directly to the company, General Rule of Thumb, The "Worker" could care less. They're here just to earn a paycheck that would be it. Make a "DIRECT" complaint to BBB so the general manager can see. Spam complaint over youtube. This goes for all company who take advantage of their customer.

Re: Verizon Security Flaw Issue, Lack Of Support, Weak Signal. Switch Company People!
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I agree with you they do already know who you are i.e you have to put number and security pin as well as know your phone imea etc but yet they put you through a 20 minutes security clearance and beyond that just scripts and non answers 

Re: Verizon Security Flaw Issue, Lack Of Support, Weak Signal. Switch Company People!
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Blame your fellow customer for holding up the line for things they can easily do themselves online. Haven't personally had to call Verizon in years.

Securepins can only be sent to a number on the account. If the equipment recently changed, it won't let you do a securepin for 30 days as a security measure. It's 100% impossible for someone to call in claiming they are you and ask for the rep to send them a temporary pin on their phone.

People also need to stop using "I'm not tech savvy" as an excuse. My girlfriend's mom is in her late 60s and pays bills online and can remember pin numbers just fine.

BBB isn't going to care about someone who can't remember their account pin. I dunno why people have this need to make a huge fuss over a carrier like they owe someone something. If you're getting poor service with Verizon, switch. Guarantee you have people on AT&T threatening to leave for Verizon.

Re: Verizon Security Flaw Issue, Lack Of Support, Weak Signal. Switch Company People!

It's a shame that some posters (usually one of about 2 here) post the same "non-helpful information".   My rule would be, "if you can't help, don't answer the question"...

Normally when you call 611, it could take 10 - 25 minutes to get through;  if you have a complicated technical question, do NOT let the tier 1 person (first person to answer your call) try to answer it;  you'll waste 30 - 45 minutes easily doing so. - INSTEAD, ask for tier-2 tech support.   They have more tech training and tools to help you.  That's a fact!

In terms of identifying you when you call in, it should be automatic; during the automated message, they'll ask for your security number;  enter it, and you should be all set.  No more time should be spent identifying you once you connect with the first support person.

There's no question that Verizon's customer support has gone way down hill;  I've been with Verizon for about 20 years;  they used to be the best;  now, sometimes they are the worst.  But ideally, you're not calling customer support that often so you may just bite the bullet and stay put if the reception in your area is best with Verizon.  If you live in a large metropolian area, you might consider T-Mobile;  you could save a little money and maybe get a better deal.... Good luck!



Re: Verizon Security Flaw Issue, Lack Of Support, Weak Signal. Switch Company People!

ATT bites as well