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Verizon Trade-In Phone Salesperson and Customer Service Lies or What?

Mid-March, I called inquiring about trading in one of my three kids iphones for the new iphone.   The salesperson said they were having a trade in promotion.  It was like $600 or so for trade in.  He told me there could be no cracks on the phone, and had to be able to power up and power down.  Due to a credit on my account from the Verizon Up reward, (it was like $95), my daughter's phone would only be $7 something a month.  He said that my other two kids phones could upgraded too but theirs would be $11 something a month.  This sounded great, and I jumped on it.

One month goes by, and I receive my emails that my trade-ins had all been received and processed and "final trade in cost" was $24.17 a month.  I was immediately alarmed, as this was not what I was sold on the phone, otherwise, I would not have traded in the phones.

I get a rep, she said that all was good, that-that is not the final, credits were still in process of coming and to be applied.  Sometimes it took up to one to two billing cycles.  I took her for her word, and then let it go.

Next phone bill came, and when I clicked on what the "next bill" was, it stated it would be the same increased amount of $73 dollars a month.  I felt uneasy about this, and I called again.  This rep said the same thing as the one before, and even offered to put me in her calendar to get back with me at the next billing cycle to keep me updated on what's being notated about the credits and such.  Felt good about that phone call and hung up.

Well, in the beginning of June, I was like, we are way passed one to two billing cycles and there is something not right here.  I called again, spoke with Duane, and he said the same thing as the two previous reps.  He even added that he sees this all the time, and that when the finally all the credits are applied, that some people end up with the pay due.  He also said he would add me to his follow up with list, and would call me back on June 22nd after 1 pm.  Needless to say, that didn't happen.  And guess what, still no credits on the June bill.  

I decided to google and research Verizon's trade-in program to see if anyone else was going through the same thing as me.  To my dismay, there are tons of forums on how people were told they were getting a certain value for their trade in and that was not what happened, and that this whole thing is a scam.  After an hour of reading so many people's experiences, I've realized, I too was scammed.  This is why it is over four months past trade in, this is why no one follows up with me.  

I've been with Verizon for 15 years, and I there won't be a 16th.  I cannot believe this happened.  I am writing this so that hopefully others are aware when they go searching the forums what happened to me, and hopefully they do not make the same mistake.

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Re: Verizon Trade-In Phone Salesperson and Customer Service Lies or What?

24.17 a month comes out to 580.08 over 24 months, that isn't far off from the $600. Monthly credits also take a few billing cycles before they kick in. If it hasn't after a 3rd bill cycle, call and have them submit a correction.

Machines aren't perfect and Verizon is a huge company. People need to stop tossing around the word "scam" when something doesn't go perfectly the first time. I had a credit delay issue before on a line and after a call, it was fixed the following bill with owed back credits.

Re: Verizon Trade-In Phone Salesperson and Customer Service Lies or What?

Its most definitely  a scam! Its happening wayyyy to often for it not be. I just sent a phone back to the for a trade the end of April the quoted me 679$. Today i called to check the status and the actual 'so called value' $22. I was blown away, really Verizon $22. The phone I sent back was as close to perfect as the day my fiance 1st purchased it. He's very OCD and I don't say that lightly. Almost all of his things are near perfect condition. There is no way his phone could remotely be worth 22$.  I'm going to call corporate 1st thing in the morning if this trade in line doesn't give me a fair trade-in value. Give me the real value or send me my phone back !

Re: Verizon Trade-In Phone Salesperson and Customer Service Lies or What?
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