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Verizon Trade in Program takes advantage of customers

December 18th, I decided to take advantage of Verizon promotion by trading in my iPhone X for iPhone 12 and getting a $579.99 credit . Although my X was only 6 months old (had a claim), and always kept in a case with screen protector so was basically brand new).  I received the 12, turned in my X and watched my account for the Trade in Credit.  

January 18th, noticed the trade in status said credit would only be $201. as device received was not as expected , so I call Verizon and speak to customer care agent, who can clearly see the device turned in WAS the correct one, and advised that I speak to the trade in department.  That department is IMPOSSIBLE to speak to a live person, and if you push 0 after circling through every other option, it sends you back to the customer care agent who is unable to help.  Finally spoke with an agent who told me she could see that I would actually be getting the $579.99 credit and I had to wait a few billing cycles.

February 1st, I see that the $201 credited against my bill, so I call back and after being on the phone for about 3 hours this time and speaking with someone in the escalation department, I was sent a text that stated " $201 credit being reversed and the $579.99 credit would be applied in March billing statement.

Today March 23rd, I receive my notice that my bill was available, so looked online and NOPE STILL NOT CORRECTED.  I did an online chat for 2 hours with a customer care agent who "tried" but can not give the credit and told me I would have to call the Trade in Department at 1-800-416-8894.. UUGGHH.  Called the number, on hold for 25 minutes ,ended up with customer care agent again , she transferred me to Trade in Department , who was not actually the trade in department but yet another customer care agent, who again tried to transfer me and the call disconnected after 35 minutes.  Tried to chat again to request a manager from the trade in department to call me , and that's asking the impossible.  20 minutes later and I get. an automatic text response from Verizon apologizing for the call disconnecting and the agent would call me back shortly, and that was 35 minutes ago.  I am beyond, frustrated, beyond angry and this whole experience is going to make Verizon losse a longtime customer (over 20 years).  I have never experienced this bad of customer service in my lifetime.