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Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

I've been a Verizon customer for many years and accumulated many points on the old rewards program.  I didn't redeem a single point because it wasn't much of a program.  With points I was allowed to buy a product for about the same price, if not more than I could get it for on Amazon.  I couldn't use points only to buy anything other than tickets for drawings.  Like I said not much of a program.

Now they have have taken away all the points I earned over the years and have a new program and I can't decide if it's just as bad or worse.  I get a credit for every x amount I spend but even if I can't find anything of interest those points expire in a short period of time.  What am I allowed to get?  I I got a free reward for $50 off Hello Fresh but a quick Google search will get you a code for that.  I used my 2 points on a $10 device credit that I'm not sure how to use since I just got a new phone.  I also redeemed 1 for 4 months of Apple music but I just got 1 because even though I was not a current subscriber I was a few years ago.  These aren't rewards, they are free trials, that I can get without being a Verizon customer so Verizon is really giving me nothing.  I have heard some people have gotten tickets for sporting events but I have yet to see an offer for a local teem and Verizon won't let me keep the points until oI see something that really interests me. 

Verizon, if you want to reward us for being customers then reward us, otherwise don't bother .  Give us points that we 'can collect and use to redeem on products and services that aren't free trials and don't require us to spend money out of pocket or better yet just forgo the rewards and reduce the cost of your service.  So far you aren't really rewarding us as at all so why go through the hassle.  Go big or go home.

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Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

Did you know that the airlines rely on most people not being able to redeem their miles points?

They talk about airline miles a lot in ads to get you to spend, but figure most people will never redeem them, often because there are blackout dates and restrictions.

It's similar to the use of mail-in rebates.  The companies know MOST people won't bother mailing in the rebate, so they get the higher price out of the 70% who won't mail it in. 

VerizW is doing the same.

You have to compare all the cell providers without paying any attention to their rewards programs, since they are not worth anything.  That last program ended with me still having 151,000 points in my account!  You are right.  There is nothing worthwhile to spend them on. 

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

True, the new program offers nothing of value.  At least with the old program you could get discounted merchandise or enter a sweepstake, but with the new program now they do not have to buy the discounts or gift cards. 

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

Agreed, this is not a reward program it is a marketing program and they are likely making a mint to put up the coupons.

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

did you know that is absolutely not true about airlines. Not sure where you got your information, but it’s almost the opposite.

i have not paid for a single flight in 3 years, neither has anyone in my family. We all use airline miles and its NEVER blacked out and best of all- the points don’t expire. Airline miles are nothing like mail in rebates or Verizon‘s ridiculous program

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

I agree with you. I have been with them for more than 15 years. I don’t see anything I even want to purchase on the Verzion up. If I do see something you have like 2 days to use it or one of my credits have already expired. It’s useless. You have to spend $300 to get one credit when in the past you got credit for your entire payment. More to choose from and not less. I don’t need an audio book, $5 my next phone

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

I've used my credits on "Super Tickets". I've already gotten three PS4 games (60$ each) and will be at the Juatin Timberlake concert at the Prudential Center on Sunday. I'd say it works...maybe not for everyone, but definitely works.

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

I don't know what airline you fly, but I travel domestic almost every week.  I use the big three most and as long as you fly once I think every three years your miles are good and do not expire.  I have never had a blackout dates.  The ticket may cost more miles, but so do cash tickets. 

They are not rebates,. Every Christmas I give out AmEx gift cards from my miles.  I turn in miles for several $25 dollar gift cards for people like my postal person, the yard maintenance guy, amoung others, I also give my kids $100 cards as part of their Christmas.  They cost me nothing....well, my price is being locked in an aluminum tube every week for hours at a time. 

That said Verizon needs to take a lesson from the airlines.  Not these stupid offers that cost them nothing and you most likely can get it cheaper somewhere else. I laugh when they send me a message that I earned a point.  How stupid does Verizon think us customers are?  Verizon, don't try to scan,. It puts a bad taste in my mouth. We can see right through it.  Put out a point program that rewards loyal customers or don't bother.

Beware if you sign up.  Make sure you read their privacy statement closely.  Verizon is using this program to be able to collect all your phone data.  With the Facebook thing going on who knows who your data is being sold to.

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

I agree ... I have so many rewards I have built up... but all “rewards” require me to spend money first ...

every now and then they throw in a Starbucks which I used ... but other than that it’s awful

Re: Verizon Up Rewards is horrible program

It’s a terrible program. For meaningless points you give Verizon the right to track everything you do with your phone. Basically you give any pretense of privacy. You would have to be a fool to signup for this thing.