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Verizon Up review

What is wrong with Verizon Up?

It is only viewable from the phone/tablet screen and is not accessible from a desktop/laptop. (certainly not windows, but perhaps chromebook which uses Google Play, but I don't currently own a chromebook.) Only usable from the App on Google play or the Apple store, I don't think there is an app in the windows store for this, but I haven't checked.

BTW I manage my account from a laptop, not my phone. I also do not pay bills via phone or access accounts via open WiFi. I don't have any other rewards program that is only accessible from a phone.

Rewards only show in the app, no indication of awards granted via email and they expire in 90 days if not used.

No default processing via profile on rewards - like if I haven't used this reward before it expires, give me the $5 statement credit. If I've 'earned' this credit, then I should be able to know when it is available and set how it is used.

The tracking does not show when a reward has been used or it expired -- probably should.

I attempted to use the one reward I've earned since this program started. It happily deducted the reward (I have 0 now), but had an error attempting to use it. (1Gb of data for the current month.) Now when I access the app to pull up the "claimed" reward, the "use now" is grayed out and unavailable. (did not get the 1GB of data)

The free reward that Verizon gave us when obsoleting the Verizon rewards expired with no warning, email or notification.

I've called support 5 times. 1st time on 1/30/18 when I attempted to redeem a reward and found that Verizon Up support doesn't work at 7:30PM and to call back tomorrow.

2nd time on 1/31/18 going through support but disconnected when putting me through to Verizon Up.

3rd time on 1/31/18 10 minutes later directly to the 800-922-0204 instead of 611. Rep was not able to help, raised ticket 11287. Rep stated it would take 2-3 days before I would get an answer via email. Rep also told me that they were "unable to call out" if we were disconnected. I thought Verizon was a Communications Company, no?

4th time on 1/31/18 to upgrade my plan so that I didn't go over my allocated amount. (was down to last 500mb of plan and could not wait any longer for my "free 1GB of data".

5th time today to check on status of ticket. Rep now stated 5-7 business days to fix this problem and they will "email me" the response.

I worked for Motorola and Motorola Solutions for almost 35 years in development, system test and deployment areas. I'm giving you this feedback for no charge, but expect that you will do something about this constructively to benefit the other users attempting to use this product.

You have both my email and phone numbers, let me know if any of this needs further information added.

Also, your auto-logoff needs to update timers when users compose messages, they are not 'inactive'.

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Re: Verizon Up review
Customer Support

We appreciate the feedback that you've provided us. We definitely want the Verizon up option to work seamlessly for you. Although you mentioned you called support please continue to stay in contact with our Verizon Up team at 866-895-5579 if you have additional issues. I'll uplift this information you shared internally as well.




Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

If my response answered your question please click the �Correct Answer� button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!!

Re: Verizon Up review

1st acknowledgement from Verizon Up rewards - received 2/4/18 19:29 GMT (but didn't see immediately as it went into my spam folder first.)

"We appreciate your participation in Verizon Up! We apologize for the inconvenience regarding your rewards account. Please be advised our team is currently researching your inquiry. We will reach out to you soon to obtain additional information or to let you know a solution has been found. ..."

Still waiting for the reward.

Re: Verizon Up review

update 2/6/18 - had received a notification from Verizon Up on my phone,  that I had a reward available.

I went back into the My Verizon app USE tab, "You haven't claimed a reward yet was still displayed, but I now had one credit to use. My first attempt was still displayed in the reward history and pressing it hopefully would change something. The "Use Now" is still grayed out and not available to press. The Track rewards also did not have any changes to report, just that my last reward had been issued on Jan11.

I went back to the "choose reward tab" and attempted to use the 1GB data, but to no effect.. The one credit has again disappeared and the Use Now is still unavailable.

Called the 866-895-5579 to ask if this was part of the remediation for my problem, Sequoia asked if I had received an email and asked if there was a 'name' of the person working on the problem. I replied that the email was a generic version and no one's name was associated with this. She told me that they still are not working on this problem yet and I needed to wait 3-5 more business days. This is getting ridiculous now, Verizon.  I am following up and expecting some actual results soon.

By any chance did you test this app before releasing it?

Re: Verizon Up review

Update 2/9/18 Attempted to get this resolved again, This is Day 5 since my only email received telling me that they are aware of my problem.

1st call was like an old Verizon commercial: I could hear him, but he "couldn't hear me now".

2nd call - got a bit farther with a different agent  but when telling me what they might be able to do for my inconvenience, the call dropped.

3rd call - was able to talk with the agent and was put on hold while she reviewed the info and was able to talk with the 2nd agent about the issue.

They are "having problems" with the "gigabyte of data" request and are still working on it.

I asked for an update via email, but don't know when that might arrive.

It's now been 7 full buisness days since I reported this problem. 

Re: Verizon Up review

Idk how this is a rewards program when you read the terms and agreement it doesn’t state anything about getting rewards not in the FAQ but yet it sure was marketed like one... it states it brings you CLOSER to rewards, but then in terms and agreements it says it advertisomg to you things you would like... I haven’t agreed to it yet was researching this more and came across your post. I think this is going to be a class action lawsuit waiting to happen once people realize they are giving your information with your permission to anyone in the “Oath“ group including your location for marketing things that of interest to you even if your location services are off! To me the email sure almost read like it was rewards, sounds like the app makes you believe your earning a reward but if no one can credit you the amount it costs for 1GB OF DATA to your Verizon bill by now... you haven’t earned anything but hopefully you didn’t get charged the cost of 1GB for an overage charge waiting for it probably like others May have... sad that they did this! Marketing as rewards for a marketing scam!

Re: Verizon Up review

Oh and to have dropped calls when your a communications company is a joke... I have had this problem on my phone also, dataslow, blank texts, and I was told by five tech people I have a tower two blocks from my house and I’m in a great coverage area. They escalated it after sending me a new iPhone and I got a couple texts saying they were working on it. Then one asking if the problem is indoor or outdoor when it happens or both? Responded both- only to get a text saying no one available then a text the next day saying resolved n a link to a YouTube video explaining why...apparently I live in a bad network area... hmmm well according to their map and their reps who called me to figure it out sure told me opposite so I think I will just transfer back out and have someone pay my phone off for me! After seeing this kind of sound like the same runaround! Good luck 

Re: Verizon Up review

The old rewards program was far better. Up is awful. The "array" of "rewards" is awful. The value of them is awful. This program is pretty much useless.

Re: Verizon Up review

Well, first time trying to use 1 of my 2 credits on April 2, 2018. It works right up until you click USE NOW and then........processing...........never to stop.

I come back out to the main menu and it shows I have used the credit for a magazine subscription but ......

never got to select the magazine or address. What a piece of [removed] for a major company and a program which has been out for several months.

Not a happy camper!

Content removed to comply with Verizon Wireless Terms of Service

Re: Verizon Up review

This VerizonUp is the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. Who still makes credits expire. This is the exact way to make people GO AWAY. If credits accumulate over time, people will actually stay so they can save up for some nice reward.

Why is it only available in the smartphone app. Which by the way, is horrible and confusing. Just like the website. Everything looks fancy, but there's zero logic to it.

And the rewards I want? Really?

Can't I set this thing to automatically issue me a discount or something, so I don't have to bother with that ridiculous app? Or a device credit, or however that works.

I wonder if there's actually anyone who actually likes VerizonUp, other than the marketing genius who came up with it.