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Verizon Visa Card Issues (READ BEFORE APPLYING!)

This post serves as a warning to all those who are considering applying for the Visa Verizon Card.  I applied for the card in June 2022, and was approved instantly.  I've been using the card to pay my wireless bill each month and earning rewards.  The problem is that it's been almost four months, and I still haven't received a single reward dollar to date.  The issue is that my Verizon Visa Card account is not syncing properly to my Verizon Wireless Account.  Others have posted about this very same issue on this board (see for example, post by @Moon8 on May 3, 2021.).  I've contacted Verizon Wireless multiple times, along with Synchrony Bank (who issues the Verizon Visa Card) and Verizon Up Rewards.  Each one routes me to someone else.  No one is willing to take any responsibility or actually solve the problem.  I've even tried messaging Verizon Wireless (as per the instructions in @Moon8 post), and again, they were completely useless.  Every time I message them (or reply to a message), I get a different agent who doesn't appear to read anything I've written previously.  I've even directed them to @Moon8 post, which they clearly didn't bother to read as I kept on having to repeat myself and going in circles.)

In short, when I log onto my Verizon Visa Card account (through Synchrony), I'm able to see the amount of reward dollars I've earned each billing cycle on my statements.  There's even a button at the bottom of the main page that says "View Rewards."  When I click that, it automatically reroutes me to the Verizon Wireless webpage.  When I sign in, it takes me to the page to apply for the Verizon Visa Card as if I don't already have it.  It's not registering that I already have the card, when in fact, I'm using it as my payment method.  Underneath "Manage your payment method" in my Verizon Wireless account, it clearly shows that I'm using a Verizon Visa Card and states that I'm earning 2% back.  What is going on Verizon?! 

Furthermore, on the Verizon Up tab of the My Verizon app, it's not registering any activity, as if I haven't earned any reward dollars.  That's clearly not the case though because I'm able to see the reward dollars that I've earned on my statement each month.  Again, the problem is that there are three entities at play here (Verizon Wireless, Verizon Visa Card, Verizon Up), and none of them are communicating with each other properly or willing to take responsibility.  They all have different customer service numbers, and I'm tired of constantly getting rerouted and being put on hold.  There's clearly some type of technical glitch going on, and as the message boards have indicated, others are having this issue as well.  I also tried speaking with someone in person, and of course, all they did was redirect me to the various toll free numbers.  They said they were unable to help in store as sales reps and that it was a technical issue.  OBVIOUSLY!  That's what I've been saying all along, and yet no one seems to be able to fix the problem.   

I haven't had the Verizon Visa Card for very long, but at this point, there's no incentive for me to keep it.  Others have had this issue for even longer than I have and haven't received their reward dollars either so why bother continuing using it?  It's like a bait and switch. 

Save yourself the trouble and the headache, and don't apply for this card.  It's not worth the nightmare.  I'll be canceling mine soon.