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Verizon Wireless' Deceptive billing practices, Price gouging with intent to extort

How Verizon without my knowledge charged me nearly $400 in additional monthly charge for services I did not want or intend to pay for

  • I was charged without notice for services I didn't want to pay for, because those services are available for free through various options
  • The charge itself was 60 times the price available in the market for paid services

I wasn't informed about any individual charge, until they had accumulated over a month's billing.

My family had been on a Verizon unlimited plan for more than 2 years. The plan included unlimited calling to Canada and to Mexico and unlimited data. After our device payment completed, in 24 months, we called Verizon and visited Verizon stores to shop for a new phone. We decided to wait for 2 months until the new iPhone becomes readily available, and the Verizon store advised we could downsize our plan from unlimited data to limited data since we don't use data. We did tell them we use calling to Canada (about 10 hrs a month). Nonetheless our plan was downsized. They didn't tell us calling to Canada was not included. We simply got an email with print that covered Verizon legally to pursue a clear intent to deceive and extort.

It was only after 30 days, I made a call to Verizon after getting an enormous bill, that Verizon explained calling to Canada was not included in the new plan and was charged at 50 cents a minute. Verizon refused to accept any responsibility over the deception, and told us we had to pay for service we had used.


Verizon didn't answer my questions why:

  • We were wrongly told the calling plan was the same as existing plan but sent fine print that said otherwise.
  • Why we were not informed every time we made a call to CAnada we were running a huge bill until 30 days of calls had accumulated. There are many free options available without having a calling plan on the internet - facetime, whatsapp etc.
  • Why Verizon was charging 50 times the market rate for paid options such as calling cards which cost only 1c for calling CAnada.
  • Worst was the attitude of Customer Service which told us we have NO OPTION BUT TO PAY