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Verizon added cash payment restriction, removed my autopay and wont help in anyway.

Hello everyone, 

I would like to bring to everyone's attention that what Verizon did with my account was unfair, and I am not happy with this situation, and they are not willing to solve this in any way. So here is the story:

I was with a different provider for a long time (>10 years), I switched to Verizon about 1 month ago, I set up my account with Autopay on day first and things were supposed to be nice. Around 1 week ago Verizon tried to pull out the payment from my bank account checking, my bank alerted me that this is a fraud, it was the first time bank sees a Verizon transaction, so they did what a typical bank would do. They stopped the payment and sent me a fraud notification. The bank rejected the payment, I responded to the bank and I told them that, this is correct, however, since the first attempt was failed, another attempt was made by Verizon 2 days later and the bill went through nicely. Since the payment got rejected the first attempt, Verizon now put a restriction on my account that I can not pay with a checking account, and also I am not able to set up autopay feature (due to this), and auto pay works if and only if you use checking or debit card. That means I won't get a $10 per line discount in my account per month, they said this restriction can not be lifted, and it will be there for the next 6 months. I have 5 lines.

I chat with the Verizon team, they did not help. I massage privately to them here, they couldn't help. I talked to the customer rep over the phone, even 2 levels higher upper management, they couldn't help, I talked to the Financial service team, they said they can not lift this restriction it is in the system. I was on the phone for almost one day, anyway, if you have the same issue, please avoid this company period.  

So just because the bank was doing their job checking with me on the transition legitimacy, even though the 2nd attempt went through in 2 days but they don't care, they play this game so you won't get the discount promised to get, now I have to go to the Verizon store pay my bill + $50 extra every month in cash to the store manager, this is RIDICULOUS........ I wish I could tell this to local news or someone who can take some legal action. If you are willing to help or if you would like to join me on the legal action, I am open to share all my information.

Thank you