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Verizon asked me sending in my ID through email,if not will be close my account in 24 hours for no reason.

I found the department where my account was frozen, but it was not resolved. It seems that the only way to unlock my account is the Verizon fraud department team. They asked me to upload my personal credentials and approval of address via email. Everything seems to fall from the sky, and the commissioner told me that if I don't upload, my account will be closed within 24 hours. I asked her why I need to upload these materials? Because I'm only using Verizon's mobile communication service, and I didn't want to buy any products or anything that requires verification of my personal information, and I also paid on time, the commissioner only told me, for security reasons. I would like to ask, does Verizon have the right to require customers to provide personal IDs for checking or storage under any circumstances? It seems that according to state law, even the police do not have this right, and they must close their account within 24 hours if they can’t submit it, because this is Verizon, and this is what the commissioner said to me. The authority of the Verizon fraud department seems to be beyond me. Imagination, then is such a powerful department protecting our accounts in this way? "All customers must present or upload certificates for inspection under any circumstances." If so, then you have to praise your ability. But where is our privacy?

Verizon's mobile signal strength and functions are very practical and powerful.

But the work of its staff is not flattering. After this month of negotiations with Verizon, I feel why customers have to wait so long for each call, because Verizon really has too many departments, and some of them are not connected. Some things may be kicked and kicked in an endless loop like mentioning football. Second, I have a profound influence on the two words "for your safety" or "for your protection", because these two It seems that this term can now be used to enforce anything. But in fact, are you really protecting us? Or are you simplifying your work? I think Verizon can replace the answer on the page "How does Verizon protect the safety of customers?" with 2 letters-"ID".

Re: Verizon asked me sending in my ID through email,if not
Customer Support

Tanxia888, we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. This is not the experience we would ever want you to have. We will be pleased to assist you. To better assist you, we sent you a Private note, please respond at your earliest convenience.