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Verizon call from 800-922-0204 Fraid department

I just had my Verizon account reopened. The fraud department called me this morning and asked me about a suspicious activity in another states. The activity happened 20 days ago and the caller asked me NOT to hangup the phone call and need to provide my photo ID thru a link right away. She sent me the link attached with a weird email address. I told her I'm not going to provide my photo ID since the activity was already confirmed by me 20 days ago. I also told her I know which of my family member did the purchase, then she threathen me if I dont provide my photo ID my account wil get suspended. After that I hangup her call, then the next thing I know is all of the 7 lines on my account got suspended. I was really surprised how a call like that can suspend my account, so I went to an actual Verizon store and called the fraud department with the in-store rep. to reactivate my account and they STILL ask me to upload my photo ID while I was in store holding my own driver license. The upload link the fraud department procided wasn't even allowing me to upload it, we had to use various phones to correctly upload my ID and they don't have an email I can send the photo ID to. 

1. Why is Verizon fraud department acting like a spoofed call? First, asking you not to hang-up, that's what usually a spoofed call would do to stop you from verifying things.

2. Why is a photo ID required, but Verizon been advertising they will NOT ask your password thru phone calls? Do they know how many things can be done by photo ID?

3. Why is suspending people's account authorized in fraud department for a 20 days ago activity? If it's a fraud, isn't it too late? Especially when I already said the purchase was confirmed by me.

4. Threatening me that my account will get suspended after I refuse to upload my photo ID? And it really did.

All these are leading this phone call as a spoofed call, there are too many red flags in here. Anyone else also receiving this kind of call and got their account suspended? 

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Re: Verizon call from 800-922-0204 Fraid department
Customer Support



I'm definitely sorry you had this experience as we always want to keep things on and working well for you. Our fraud team are there to protect customer security. While I can definitely understand that after 20 days it seems like things are a bit past stopping, any ongoing access has the potential to lead to additional issues. If you are not comfortable with a call though it shouldn't hurt to be safe and the agent would normally have offered options to help confirm who you are. If you have questions about this I would recommend speaking to a member of that fraud team directly for further support which can be done at 888-483-7200.