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Verizon can't find my trade in

I sent in my phone in the trade in kit verizon sent. I hand delivered the kit to the UPS guy and saw him scan it. I've looked online and there are no tracking numbers when I look in my account. I called verizon and the agents plain out lied to me. They couldn't find my tracking number and when they "finally" did they said they could see the there was movement. When I got the tracking numbers they had (2) one said awaiting shipment and the other did not exist. Apparently there is a 3rd tracking number and the last agent I spoke to said he " can't see it". I spoke to the UPS guy who scanned it and said it was sent out the next morning. I am supposed to wait now and see if they ever "get" my phone and I get my $800 credit. If not they said there is nothing I can do. How are these people getting away with theft? This is ridiculous!

Has anyone had any luck holding them accountable?

Re: Verizon can't find my trade in
Customer Support

Nsully, I am really sad to hear about your experience. I can assure you that is never the intent. I know how important the trade-in is, so I want to get this sorted out sooner than later. Please respond to this message with a private note, so I can assist you better. -Dia

Re: Verizon can't find my trade in

I was getting nervous with my trade in not showing up delivered.  After so many days i got an automatic email saying i need to send in my phone soon to get credit.  I think it had been close to 10 days since i had sent it!  I did not take a picture of the front, but will from now on.  Thankfully, it did eventually show up the next day when i called in and they saw it in the warehouse.  


Good luck!  It was a scary few days for me and hope yours gets resolved.