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Verizon customer service can’t get any worse

After over 18 years being a customer I’m about to end that relationship because Verizon truly has the worst customer service.  Be thankful if you actually get somebody in the same country who’s working on the proper phone line in your account.  After several hours and telling the reps more than three times they still couldn’t get it right.  I cant get a device order issue corrected in less than a week time and even then I’m still holding my breath to see if they can actually handle it. (Magic eight ball says Outlook not so good) They’ll have no problem charging your account for things that you didn’t authorize or order though - like they did to me in October.  Truly the worst service and I will never order another phone from you guys as a result of the customer service issues this past week.  I am not activating the phone I received today because if Verizon doesn’t find a real way to make this up to me (without me having to continually ask), return to sender and end of relationship. 

Re: Verizon customer service can’t get any worse

this is most likely due to the 5 year old whom designed/programed their website. they use the same TRASH software that the site runs off of. i would like to meet the toddler whom designed their virtual assistant. i guess the best thing to do is; when a customer has an issue and calls or chats in.. very first thing you do is completely enrage them off making them deal with the most inept virtual assistant.  by time you actually get to a rep your so mad from that ordeal the rep gets the full brunt of it.  that on top of foreign call centers... man.. nothing infuriates me off more than already having an issue and i get transferred to someone whom can barely comprehend what you're saying and is never helpful.