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Verizon elects not to honor promotion

Verizon is clearly not honoring promotions that they try to up sale.  Our promotion offering was March of 2021, I purchased two new iPhone 12 Max's, promotion was trade in any phone(s) Iphone 6 or greater, and they would credit $799.99 over the life of the two year contract(s), (each phone).

Seemed to make sense to me at the time and we purchased the two phones.  Now Verizon selectively states, cant find "that promotion", like we made it up.  Even apparently in the account notes (per several agents), cant find any reference to any promotions, interesting. At this point at Defcon 5 frustration level, just would like our two provided phones that were traded in to Verizon, returned to us but now Verizon stated, they don't even have verification of receipt of the said phone(s) so the fun factor is increasing exponentially.

To date, with more than, 1) 10 calls (minimum) to customer service, 2) a case #, (now agents say cant find this case #), 3), trips to the local Verizon store, and 4) promises of "Account Managers" to call, that never do, we are exploring escalation avenues outside of Verizon.  

We have been Verizon customers for approximately 25 years. Are any other Verizon customers experiencing similar behavior where it appears there is a coordinated business motive to purposely and selectively act dysfunctionally, thereby creating an extremely difficult process regarding promotions terms and honoring verbal agreements at the time of purchase? 

Promotions are not necessarily documented with written terms and not provided when you purchase new devices, at least in our case? The customer has to rely on the verbal terms and conditions provided by the agent at the time of agreement. Verizon stated at the time of the promotion and agreement, in my case, "credits will be applied at a future billing period", so you have to "trust" that what is being represented is based upon fact, but apparently it is not. My point of this long winded dissertation is, is this a coordinated business decision and occurring to other Verizon customers, it appears that it is? 

Seems like a coordinated business bottom line enhancement program where Verizon has forecasted a certain number of customers will eventually simply give up out of frustration. 

Re: Verizon elects not to honor promotion

Verizon's lack of advance search tools is just awful. Old promotions can be found, but Verizon has an asinine way of trying to find it. 

Re: Verizon elects not to honor promotion

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Re: Verizon elects not to honor promotion
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Oh, no! This is definitely not the type of experience we want for you. We'd love to have the opportunity to help. We've sent you a private message to further assist you. ~Christian