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Verizon is Fradulent & Deceptive to say the least


I recently switched from AT&T to Verizon for their $500/line bring your own phone credit. This may have been the worst decision I ever made after dealing with every department of their organization.

  1. Sales is only here to get you signed up. They will blatently lie to you.
    1. I was told that switching and porting my numbers was instant and that there would be no issues. As soon as I finished signing up and nothing worked the sales chat person dumped me into a support chat with no context and left. The people that answer chat and email are some of the most incompetent people I've ever dealt with. 
    2. I was told that the price would be $45/line with AutoPay enabled. I was told my entire bill would be roughly $204 for 4 lines at $45/line plus aproximitly $4-6 in taxes and fees. After all things were said and done I was somehow being billed for 5 lines and paying $50/m for paying with a credit card as well as having $35 activiation fees that were never on my order confirmation or displayed anywhere.
  2. Support is so incompetent that it took 2 days of being on the phone for over 10 hours to get my service properly working
    1. The initial sales person royally messed everything up to the point where anyone I spoke to in Verizon said I had no account even though I had numerous emails showing orders.
    2. I spoke to a dozen representantives all that have the same horrible practice of randomly forwarding you to a new person that has no idea what is going on.
  3. Support team is full of liars
    1. I was told numerous times I would get call backs which never happened.
    2. I was told numerous times that I had to just wait a few hours which also never worked.

Next Steps

I am going to report Verizon to every applicable agency for consumer fraud and deceptive business practices if someone does not resolve this within the next few days.

I have saved chat transcripts showing sales telling me it would be $45/line with Auto Pay. At no point did they tell me Auto Pay had to be enabled with a bank account or debit card which is completely absurd and is clearly a loop hole to avoid credit card fees and have untethered access to bill me. Considering Verizon can't get the bill correct from the start I would never even consider giving them that level of access.

Secondly, charging customers a 20% credit card fee is entirely absurd. I could see a $7-8 vs $10 discount if Verizon wants to be a trashy company, but $10 per line is absolutely ludicrous. I would've never switched to Verizon based on that alone and the sales team is 100% using deceptive tactics to sign people up.

Thirdly, 2 days and 10 hours+ of my time was wasted and I expect to be compensated in some capacity for that inconvenice. The failure of Verizon's ability to properly have their teams comunicate led to me having a disruption in my phone service.