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Verizon is going to ruin my Christmas surprise

I decided to respond to a Verizon email promotion and upgrade my sons to the new iphone 12 mini phones.  While on the phone with Verizon, I saw that one of the phones (black color) was back ordered and wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas.  The other phone (blue color) was available so I asked the agent if we could update the order to two blue phones so that we would receive them for Christmas.  The agent was having some trouble updating the order and ended up disconnecting me.  As I'm writing this post, it has already been a 3+ hour nightmare.

Short version of the story, I have tried in vein to find ANYONE that can help me.  I have experienced transfer after transfer, hold after hold, and always end up getting disconnected.  Are agents hanging up because they too are frustrated and don't know how to resolve my seemingly simple issue?  As it stands, I have been disconnected no less than 4 times.

Since no one can figure out how to update the skew of the back ordered phone, I have tried to cancel my original order so that I can start from scratch.  I'm assuming one of the many agents I dealt with today ended up messing up our Verizon account and now it's showing one of my son's phones as being on a payment plan and not eligible for an upgrade?  So, until this matter is resolved, a new order can't be placed?!?!  Odd, both of my son's phones were eligible when I placed the initial order as it CLEARLY shows in the system.  Plus, we own the two phones outright that my son's use. 

It seems that someone at Verizon messed up our account and incredibly no one knows how to fix it despite my spending 3+ hours today talking to numerous people.  I'm at my wits end.  In all of my years as a Verizon customer, I have never had such a terrible experience.

Is there ANYONE at Verizon, perhaps a Supervisor, who can help me fix this mess in time to get my son's their new iphones for Christmas?



Re: Verizon is going to ruin my Christmas surprise
Customer Support

That's a terrible situation, JAG1001. We'd certainly be glad to try helping with everything on the account. To get started, please send us a Private Message.


Re: Verizon is going to ruin my Christmas surprise
Sr. Member

You can't update the order. You have to get it cancelled so you can place a new one.