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***Announcement: Early next week, we’ll be merging the current Fios and Wireless Communities into the all new Verizon Community! Beginning the evening of Sunday 12/4, both Communities will be placed in read-only mode. You’ll still be able to visit the Communities and browse content, but login will be disabled. On the afternoon of Monday 12/5, all users will be able to log into the new Verizon Community. We expect the new Community to be fully functional the morning of Friday 12/9. Additional details can be found in the Announcements board and under Featured Topics!
Verizon is really special
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've never posted here before, or even knew there was a "Verizon Community". However,  I try to focus on limiting how much of my life, patience and money is wasted on the "Verizon Company."

I've been with Verizon for 23 years.  That ends today.

Back in early November, I landed in the hospitable for 2 weeks for an unexpected illness. During that time....there was a problem with my bank and my auto pay for multiple bills...Verizon, my auto insurance and my auto loan.  The other two companies simply resubmitted the auto pay request a few days later to my bank and the bills were paid...they never even had to contact me. Not Verizon though. They just bombarded me with texts and emails (that I wouldn't see until out of the hospitable) demanding payment or risk "service interruption".   (To be specific...they send an email that says "my next bill due in December is xyz" and the amount was double my normal bill. This implies they simply rolled over the unpaid month to next month. Then come the texts contradicting that completely)

My auto pay is on Nov. service was interrupted on Nov. 20th. In 23 years, I've never had a single late payment. Not one.  

So I call in and before I pay. That being my 5 month ordeal with Asurion, the incompetent, garbage, phone insurance company Verizon partners with to handle getting you a used "refurbished" phone when you lose or break yours.

They failed on so many levels it would require it's own post. During this time I discovered that when a Verizon rep upgraded me to the highest plan offered (The do more, or get more, or have more, or rob you more plan I have no idea.....what  came up with those names?)   That rep apparently just decided I wanted the highest level of coverage Asurion offered....a $12 per month coverage when a $3 per month is all anyone needs. I had no idea there were even "levels" of phone insurance.

So now Verizon initiates an "investigation" into my Asurion fiasco while I demand to have them removed from account completely and find me an alternative. And I expect a refund of some kind for over paying a years worth of fees for their "service." Not only did I not get a credit I was promised....I personally went into My Verizon and deactivated the $12 fee twice...only to see it right back again on my bill the next month.

So I want that handled before I pay the bill to turn my service back on. The rep for Verizon was helpful and agreed it was outright offensive to interrupt my service to begin with. She issues me credits and refunds for the Asurion theft totaling like $90.  It has to be approved though and will come off my next bill (December) leaving me a December bill of just $25.  I thank her and pay the $118 November bill to turn service back on. (She also waves the fee for that as well as some ridiculous $10 fee if you use a human to make the payment)   So.....I should be good now. lol.

On December birthday mind you, Verizon hits my account for $143 on auto pay.....leaving me nothing in my account since I expected a bill of just $25. (My monthly bill fyi is $118, now $106 without the Asurion monthly theft.)  I even went into this portal and saw "$25" in the billing section a few days before.  Now I have to call Verizon and not snap getting past the bot and losing 2 hours of my morning. Once the human is on....she tells me what happened.

1. Some panel declined the Asurion refund I was given. No text or email sent then tho huh?

2. The $25 I saw....was actually the fee to put my service back last month...hence jacking my bill to the $143 they auto stole from my account.  These people are crazy.

I tell her to find a supervisor before I really get upset. She puts me on hold for 10 minutes....comes back and says she blah, blah with her supervisor....and they are going to issue a refund of $94 to me (sound familiar?).  But she says it might take 5 days to appear back in my account. And she said she also got me some credits for $10 off January bill.   2 hours it took. Thank you I said.

2 days later....the $143 charge that had been processing in my bank app scroll.....vanished. Gone. So now my balance reflected no bill ever hit (it did....but now it's gone.) 

2 days after that on December 10th I get a text and identical email.....


Your current Auto Pay method has been cancelled and removed from your account because we are unable to process your payment with the funding information you have provided. Schedule payments or update your payment method anytime on My Verizon
 Verizon....incompetent that they are....hit my auto pay for huge bank pays it....then they take it back for whatever reason and then try to re submit and claim it failed and have the gall to cancel my auto pay. And now it says I owe $185 next month.

Bye Verizon. 

Re: Verizon is really special
Customer Support

Your 23 years with us mean the world.  We would never want to lose you and will do everything we can to help.  Let's turn this around together.  A private message is being sent to assist you further.