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Verizon is the worst COMPANY EVER!

OK here goes.....

I switched to Verizon (prepaid) from Metro on Feb 7 2021. I work for waitr, which is basically the same as Uber Eats, doordash, etc. and I work in various areas within 20 minutes of my hometown. The issue I have had since day 1 is the fact that I would get speeds literally 100 TIMES SLOWER than the minimum 10mb that LTE has to offer in 2 different areas; even though Verizon's coverage map shows that I should have been getting excellent LTE coverage. Phone calls nor texts were never an issue, only data speeds which were consistently 1/10th of a megaBIT a second. Not megaBYTE.

Long story short, I have had the following experiences:

1) At least a dozen calls to "technical support" (the front line workers are simply CSR's, not tech support. They read from a script and do basic troubleshooting.) Each time I called, they basically would do nothing but troubleshoot my phone and I was on the line 30+ minutes every time.

2) I have been in touch with Tier 2 support at least 4 times

3) Everyone wants to either pass the buck, or assume it's my phone and send me on my way.

4) Once I started asking to speak with a supervisor, I was finally told that Verizon prepaid customers are connected to DIFFERENT TOWERS than postpaid users are and this was the sole reason for my speeds being what they were. Keep in mind this is after at LEAST 8 hours in total of talking with a dozen+ Verizon agents.

5) I have had tickets "Created" but yet closed and marked as resolved even though I never received callbackS as promised.

6) I have finally had enough and was issued a refund in 3 payments (3/15) of $56.xx $17.xx and $7.xx. I received the $56 credit to my debit card on the 17th, and another long story short I was told today that there is a $60 limit in *CREDITS* that can be applied in any given MONTH and that I would have to wait a MONTH to receive the rest! Keep in mind that I had kept being told to "wait 5 business days" from 2 different Verizon agents and only found out about this $60 limit today. This should be common knowledge.

Now the remainder of my money is sitting in my Verizon account which apparently will be applied to next month's bill. Problem is, I have NO INTENTIONS of staying with Verizon. Even if it's not credited to next month's bill, the fact remains that I have to wait a MONTH FOR MY MONEY.


Oh and EVERY Verizon agent (including supervisors) cannot grasp the fact that CREDITS and REFUNDS are different things!

Re: Verizon is the worst COMPANY EVER!

Received a PM from a Verizon rep wanting to look into my account. I'm beyond that. Why look into my account, when I'm clearly not continuing to do business with them anymore? I just wanted to share my experience with the community, nothing more.