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Verizon lied to me and stole my phone

I have been dealing with Verizon and their horrible communication and customer service since MARCH.



1ST. I saw their promo for $700 trade in for my device and I have been using the same phone for so long. I tried to buy a phone and the website wouldn't let me and would glitch. I tried for 2 weeks and then the purchase finally went through.


2. I receive phone, open it very excited. And find out it's the wrong phone. I spend over a week trying to figure out what I can do. They said since I opened it, I couldn't trade it in without paying a bunch of fees. Even though this phone was never the one in my cart. Whatever I just decide to keep the wrong one.

3. Waiting to resolve that issue, I finally open my trade in kit to find it was empty and I had no idea what to do.

4. Trying for weeks again (I work graveyard supervisor 50+ hours a week) to get ahold of someone and going through 5 different Verizon agents because some of them don't want to do their jobs if it's a more difficult call. Someone finally offers to send replacement kit.

5. 2 weeks later 3 replacement kits arrive on my doorstep. I didn't want to try to get ahold of verizon for weeks again. So I picked the one I think was last one to ship. I had it picked up and sent immediately that day. I went on with my life and every so often checked to see if my $700 trade in credit was there. Evenntually I just figured it was complete. That credit never showed up because;

6. Then my promised $90 a month bill turned into an over $130 a month bill. I can't afford that. I tried to get ahold of verizon having to go through rude agents, agents that pretended not to be able to hear me, agents who pretended they were doing something and didnt.

7. Got ahold of a verizon agent (after weeks of trying) who I spoke to for a long time and they said they would make sure everything is handled and that the extra amount on my bill would be refunded and the credit would be applied before my next bill.

8. Still no credit, still wrong bill amount. I call and after hours of waiting they say they couldn't find my phone. The shipment never updated but there was a note that said they DID have my phone and it was found and the agent said the postal carrier did something wrong. And that they would call me back.

9. Almost 3 weeks and no call back. I am so frustrated at this point. I go through the disputes the chats and requesting help and calling and speaking to the same rude and lazy agents, finally I get ahold of a woman verizon agent that would FINALLY listen to me. Even with the language barrier she took the time to submit another request with the information on where to find my phone so that the trade in team could finally see the issue here was them the entire time. She told them it was shipped when it was supposed to be and the tracking never updated it as it was lost in the mail. She apologized and agreed that this is ridiculous. She was angry at verizon as well. She said that she would personally make sure to have this issue resolved. And that my credit would be there before I pay my bill again (2 weeks)


End of August:

10. MY BILL WAS STILL $130. NOBODY ever contacted me about the trade in. I once again try every method of speaking to someone until I get ahold of someone that says my last request was denied. But I don't even know if this person is reading the correct information. Or if they even know what they're doing at all. I was given no reasoning and it just feels like verizon robbed me!


I did my part and verizon made it so difficult that I will never order another device from them. That's if I don't have to disconnect this device from inability to pay. I have a new baby and my brother is trying to get me to take this to court (he has money and the best lawyer in california because he owns a big company in hollywood)

I just want to speak with a manager or a supervisor who is willing to do their job and not make things worse and harder for each step. I can't even believe this is happening because I've been a verizon customer for over 11 years and have never had an issue.  Now i have to pay full price and somehow none of the bill payments I made counted towards the bill so I'm scared that someone did something wrong at some point not knowing what to do. I have been frustrated to the point of crying and missing work and missing sleep for work due to trying to resolve what should've been an easy and good experiance. All for a phone that wasn't even the one I wanted or ordered. 

I'm at a loss for what to do. Because I could escalate it but what's the point if their communication between eachother, and the guest is seriously a huge problem. I don't WANT to take it to court because I feel like if someone actually patiently listened to the situation and had the authority to fix it instead of sending it to a person who is clueless about the situation and doesn't care to find out, maybe the issue could be resolved or I want my old phone back so I can send this new one back. If I can't get it resolved here I might have to take it to court because I am 1000% in the right here and verizon is wrong. Shame on u verizom, I hope u can get ur communication together and maybe be a little more kinder to loyal customers. It feels like I was taken advantage of by all of your verizon employees who lied to me or told me what I wanted to hear to get off the phone. Always saying they did something and it would take __ amount of weeks to be resolved so they'd get their completed call even though they didn't do anything but make it worse.

I want to speak to someone who CAN help me. 

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