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Verizon not honouring BOGO

Four lines in our family decided to port our numbers over to Verizon from T-Mobile.

We went to our neighborhood verizon wireless store for this. The sales rep there told us about a Buy One Get One free (BOGO) offer for the iphone 11 pro max.

So two of the lines decided to trade in our iPhones and enrolled for the BOGO with any one of the four lines being in the premium/plus Unlimited plan. They told us that we will get billed for the first 3 months and after that they will start crediting us the amount. Great!

After the first billing cycle we got a bill of ~$569!! We had to call Verizon and spent a total 1.5 hrs to get a battalion of fees waived and finally were successful.

After 3 billing cycles we realized that we were still being charged the second device payment agreement fee.

Spent another 2 hrs with customer service and found out that we weren't on a BOGO but was on a Buy One Get One for $500 off. It would be a Buy One Get One $1000 off if both the lines that were in the BOGO were on a higher grade Unlimited plan.

This wasn't communicated to us by the sales representative at the Verizon store where we signed up! Telling the customer rep this they simply flat out said there is nothing they couldn't do about this as it was outside the 3 month guarantee period that they offered!

Additionally, it turns out the Verizon store that we went to was a third party store and as a customer how am I supposed to distinguish an official store from a third-party one is beyond me.

Verizon seems to be fine with misleading the customer. 

Can't wait to move back to move back to T-Mobile where we didn't have such problems. For now we are stuck and are begrudgingly paying our phone bills.

Re: Verizon not honouring BOGO
Sr. Member

Verizon has that information readily available online. All it takes is entering your zip code and it shows you stores and makes it clear which are corporate and which are not.

Verizon also lists qualifiers on their product page what you need to do to qualify for a specific promo. If the quantifier isn't met, can't say it was never disclosed.

This is why it's always important to do research first regardless of what the product is or who sales it. Indirect stores are notoriously bad at giving customers basic disclosures and/or correct information. When in doubt, check the site first.

Re: Verizon not honouring BOGO
Sr. Member

@Tigerstep how much are they paying for your cheerleading

Re: Verizon not honouring BOGO
Customer Support

vs2304, We are definitely sorry to hear about your experience. Promotional offers do have specific requirements that must be met. In addition, the details of our offers are posted on the website to ensure customers meet the requirements.