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Verizon's not what it used to be

I have been with Verizon for 23 years and it looks like their customer service is getting worse and worse. 

After spending hours and hours on the phone just to upgrade my device, someone canceled my order and I didn't even get notified. 

Now I also missed the promo as it is no longer available.

What is going on with you Verizon? Your customer service used to be great but now it's worse than my local grocery store. 

Is it time to switch to another carrier? 

Re: Verizon's not what it used to be
Sr. Member

Verizon keeps shutting down direct centers and depends on underpaid outsourced labor. When you pay less than what the job is worth, you get people who don't care.

You think Verizon would do something about that, but they'd rather the customer suffer an archaic automated system with outsourced help than to stop lining their own executive pockets. 

Personally, I have little hope the other carriers are much different.

Re: Verizon's not what it used to be

I to have been with Verizon for over 25 years. 

They don't care because they don't have to. 

I spent hours on the phone with a great customer service rep and she had everything setup. Then verizon just took the discount out. 

Since I was on the Loyalty plan it was not covered. See what loyalty gets you, Nothing. I guess this plan does not even cover 5G. 

They are not a ethical company. Time for some class action suits but the attorney generals we have now don't care about us and would never bug Verizon. 

Just another angry of loyalty customer get trashed. Also time for the BBB. 

They think the customer is just clueless and buy into their unethical practices.