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Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!

I am currently writing this message on the day of my dad's brain surgery for stage 4 cancer because Verizon has continually failed to remove an incorrect charge on our account dating back to March 2018. Our experience with Verizon until this point has been unacceptable.

In March 2018 an in-store Verizon sales representative named Markus was working with us on a purchase, and he told us that the Buy One Get One Free promotion would apply to that purchase of two Samsung S9 plus phones as long as we also activated a new line. Markus assured us that the newly activated line could be linked to the Galaxy Tab S3. He further explained that the BOGO promotion works through a reimbursement credited back to our account each month. Therefore, we completed the purchase in March 2018 based on this assertion that the BOGO promotion would definitely apply to it.

In May we called Verizon because we were still receiving charges for both S9 plus phones with no reimbursements credited back. The customer service representative told us that the BOGO promotion was not applied to our account. A different representative, Kai, took over the issue, and Kai and I conference called the Verizon store where the purchase had been made. Markus, the representative who had helped us to make the purchase, acted as if he didn't remember anything from when he assisted us.

Kai recommended we stop involving Markus and the original store at that point, particularly because my dad and I no longer lived in the state where that store is located. Kai told us that he would deal with the issue, and his assurance to help is evidenced in a text message he sent me in May. He also said that once the issue was resolved the reimbursements would take about two billing cycles to show up.

We waited two billing cycles, and then on July 18th I texted Kai asking him how the process was going since no reimbursements had appeared. By July 24th I had yet to receive an answer from Kai (I have still yet to receive an answer to this day), and so my dad and I visited a Verizon store. The associates there couldn't help, and they put me on the phone with a representative named John.

After over an hour on the phone with John, he also ultimately couldn't help beyond escalating the case to Verizon's promotions department. John explained that getting an answer from the promotions department could take until nearly the end of October. I found waiting that long unacceptable, particularly after how long we'd already worked on this issue, and so John finally agreed to call me back each Saturday until the issue is resolved.

On July 28th John called me as promised, but nothing could be resolved.

On July 31st I called Verizon with the intention of resolving this issue before my dad's brain surgery takes place today, August 1st.

The first associate I talked with on July 31st put me on hold to work on the issue. After I waited for about twenty minutes on hold she told me to continue holding because she was getting closer to a resolution. Then the hold continued and continued...I've kept that call going to see how long it will continue, and it's now been over six hours.

About an hour into that hold I used a different phone to call Verizon's customer service again. This time I was escalated to Keith who told me that he was the highest level manager available. He said that the BOGO promotion cannot be applied to our account and that he'd only offer us 25 percent off of the price for the second S9 plus phone. I told him that it's unacceptable for Verizon to charge us anything beyond what we'd pay with the BOGO promo applied. Unfortunately, no resolution could be reached with Keith.

Therefore, I am writing this email hours before my dad's brain surgery and after months of me and my dad attempting to resolve this issue. It has caused us great distress to put so much energy toward this problem with Verizon, particularly for my dad who should be conserving his energy for his continued chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments.

It is unacceptable for Verizon to treat any customers this way.

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Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!

"In March 2018 an in-store Verizon sales representative named Markus was working with us on a purchase, and he told us that the Buy One Get One Free promotion would apply to that purchase of two Samsung S9 plus phones as long as we also activated a new line. Markus assured us that the newly activated line could be linked to the Galaxy Tab S3."

If this what the rep told you originally, the last sentence in the quote above where the problem started. The BOGO promotion requires one of the PHONES to be on a new line of service not a tablet. Did you purchase the tablet at the same time as the phones? Were the phones all activated on existing lines of service?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

BOGO promo is a BOGUS scam!

I just had the same exact experience. I walked in the store to upgrade my iphone and walked out with two Pixel 3's as part of a BOGO offer. My billed jumped from $250.00 per month to $300.00 per month. It turns out I was charged $1,000.00 per phone. I went back to the store where I was told that a manager would be getting back to me and nothing. The biggest issue is the phones terrible. 

Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!

The same exact thing happened to me. I have tried reapeatedly (in-store in GA and FL, over the phone, etc) to resolve the billing discrepacy to no avail. 

Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!

Unfortunately, Verizon has limitations placed on what a store employee can do versus Verizon’s representatives that can be reached via phone by calling their customer service number.

Store Employees CAN’T remove a line (the monthly fee incurred as an access charge per that specific device) but can add lines. They also CANNOT issue any type of credits.

However, Verizon’s representatives that you contact over the phone <Verizon’s (800) number or 611> have more access to account modification than the store does nowadays.

All in all, if the store representative didn’t provide the proper promotion correctly at the time of sale, then unfortunately, they are unable to fix their mistake.

Your best best is to contact Customer Service and have them look over your purchase and service agreements or contracts to validate that there WAS a promotion for BOGO during the time of your purchase.

If one phone was an upgrade and the other a BRAND NEW line with a new phone number, then the promotional code wasn’t added to ensure that the offer was applied properly and correctly.

Ask to speak to a representative in the account resolutions, member service support, or a higher tier of service that IS able to make corrections to errors that were made on the account (due to the lack of accessibility) at the store level.

They usually are able to add in a “code” that will tie the lines to the specified promotion that was offered and thought to have been eligible for and received. They MIGHT have to redo the whole account, but I know for a fact that there are representatives who CAN and MIGHT be able to fix it and apply the “code”...but, ONLY IF that specific promotional “code” is STILL AVAILABLE to them.

I have spent hours, days, and weeks trying to fix a similar issue I had at the store level and my best advice is to provide as much proof as possible PROVING that you SHOULD have received it, no questions asked. Also, be consistent, ask them to make notes in your account after each call, AND be polite. If you’re stern and act like a wiseguy or wiseguy, then you will probably be blown off and denied any help or any type of possible resolution to your issue.

I hope this helps!!

Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!
Customer Support

Let's get this resolved for you right away! Please send us a Private Note for further assistance. GenevieveB_VZW

Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!

We have the same experience over the Verizon BOGO promotion. We were told we could use the line listed for a tablet we hadn't used for 3years, as a new line and switched one of our old phones over to it for our daughter. This was to purchase a new Note9 and recieve credit towards a S9+.

I had chatted online to setup the deal and saved all of the chat text. This was back in Aug. 2018. By Jan. 2019 the credits for the BOGO promo had fallen off. I called and spoke with someone at verizon customer service. I emailed them the full text of the chat conversation in which I had made the agreement. It was supposed have been taken care of and I wouldn't be troubled by it again. Then in our March 2019 bill the credit was dropped again. This time I was livid. I called in again to customer service and went through the whole story and was assured it was taken care of. Now this months (April-May) the credit is missing again. UGGGH Verizon pull your head out of the sand. You've made an agreement. I have it writing. You have broken your agreement with us multiple times. My next recourse is the BBB, FCC, ect.... I was a loyal customer with years at Verizon and previously Cellular One. Now I'm a very disspointed customer.

Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!
Sr. Member

There's no agreement to break if you were never qualified for a promotion. What any rep says is irrelevant to what information is provided by corporate.


Every BOGO deal clearly mentions a new line / port-in is required for the discounted phone. When there is an active BOGO deal, VZW's own shop page displays a lowercase "i" in the top right corner of the phone for you the customer to hover over.


Repurposing an existing line isn't adding a new line to qualify for a BOGO deal. It's clear when a rep doesn't know what they are talking about or being misleading. This is why the website itself will provide all the info you need to get a phone at a discount. 

Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!
Customer Support

It’s evident we’ve let you down, and we want to do all we are able to turn the experience around for you. I found some information about the promotions in August. Is this the promotion that you’re referring to?
Before the monthly discount came off, what was the monthly amount that was reduced from the Samsung Galaxy S9+ line?DavidH_VZW

Re: Verizon scammed us with BOGO promo!!

Pretty much the exact same thing happened to me. In March 2018, in Revere, MA the Store associate got me into the whole BOGO Galaxy9 Deal. Even forcing me to add a new line, since that was the Only way this was possible. Here I am over a year later... Still paying $66/mo for these phones!!!

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