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Verizon service going downhill?

First of all, this is not a phone issue.  Most people I know are on Verizon.  Every person I know who has Verizon is having a similar issue and this includes people on both coasts and the north parts of the Country.

We are experiencing dropped calls, phone calls that repeat your voice back to you, phone calls make it sound like the caller is 20 feet from the phone, phone calls that 'fragment' (robot voice that you can't understand), phone calls with massive amounts of feedback and more.  The calls are horrible.  This happens from static positions or in moving cars.  This is happening in areas where I used to have great service.  I am also seeing that I have multiple bars of 5g, but I still can't connect to web sites.  All of this seems to have been getting worse since they started rolling out 5g.

Fortunately, I am out of any contract requirements for me and the wife and our phones are paid for.  We are not very far from making a swap to one of the competitors.  Verizon no longer seems to be the best service, but they are definitely the most expensive.

Anyone else seeing similar problems?

Re: Verizon service going downhill?
Sr. Member

Not me.  I am 10min outside Buffalo NY and no signal issues in my area.  Frequently travel to Pittsburgh Pa and Clarksburg WV.  Just made that trip an had no issues calling from the car.  Also travel by Philadelphia PA and Atlantic City NJ.  Did that trip in July and again no issues making calls. Crystal clear and no disconnects and texting and data work fine.  A lot have been complaining but I am not seeing it to the places I travel.  

Re: Verizon service going downhill?
Customer Support

We want to make sure that you are getting the service you deserve and thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We want to check on things closely with you so that we can address any dropped call situations as well as static and other noise or interruptions during calls.  I will be sending you a Private Note to be able to partner up and check on things together.


Re: Verizon service going downhill?

I have the same issues dong get me started on the promotions that never payout.   The problem is with Verizon’s fake 5G also known as dynamic spectrum sharing …if you turn off 5G and go LTE only you’ll notice a huge improvement.  I’ve tried and tested this using speed test in various places throughout my travels. 

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