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Verizon up mobile+home rewards - won't work

OK so I've contacted verizon several times with this problem, both fios, wireless, twitter and their online chat. I either get transferred to someone else or told they can't help and it should have been the person that just transferred me to them... so anyway here I am.


I'm trying to set up mobile+home rewards. I have an unlimited verizon wireless plan and fios gigabit. When I use the myverizon app to try and setup home rewards I click on the 'Join Now' button and I get presented with a 'Verify your fios account' screen.

Unfortunately the Fios Username which is pre-populated (and disabled so I can't change it) is an old fios account that is now deactivated.

I've called verizon wireless to change the fios account it's linked to, they transfer me to fios. Then fios tell me it's only wireless that can do it. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it (because why not try that) but no luck.

Anyone have a good contact that won't just transfer me to someone else? Or have any better ideas?

(and I totally appreciate it's corona times but I've been trying to fix this since they announced it - I called again last week, got my call dropped again and now I'm trying here)

Thanks for reading!

Re: Verizon up mobile+home rewards - won't work

I am having the same exact problem!

Re: Verizon up mobile+home rewards - won't work

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