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Verizons attempt to cut jobs and move customer service over seas

Verizon has closed US customer service offices in an attempt to save money. They moved offices over seas now we pay the price by not being able to speak to someone who speaks clear and simple English. I've had issues with them for months but can get them resolved because they don't understand and have no power to do anything more than the computer will let them. There attempt to force us to use the app for all of our issues is a joke..... but it's working as you have no other choice. Bad decisions on the corporate level have left Americans without jobs and buildings sit empty here in the US. I drive by one every day. It used to be full of Americans that were happy to help customers now it's empty and we have to speak to people over seas. Way to go Verizon! Way to be a great American company! I'm sick of your overpriced service and the inability to fix these issues. 

Re: Verizons attempt to cut jobs and move customer service over seas
Sr. Member

What company isn't doing that these days?  For years customer service with companies was moved over seas.  Mary