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Very Poor Customer Service via Chat

I have always loved the experience with Verizon since I became a customer a few years ago. My needs are met accordingly and the agents are usually polite. I have always received great service, both on the phone and via chat. However, when I recently added a line this past week in-store, I was put on insurance that I did not want. I told the in-store agent that I go directly through Apple, so I did not want the Verizon protection plan. I was put on it anyways. I realized this during the chat today with a live Verizon agent. I am also having troubles with my new device, just days after getting it. Connectivity drops with mobile data, connection times out, etc. I dropped my connection down to LTE speeds, and it is still giving issues.

During my entire chat experience, I was not assisted, ignored repeatedly, and proper grammar/typing skills were not utilized when chatting.

I don't mind if there is a language barrier. I understand outsourcing does happen and I am 100% fine with that. I don't mind when the typing or verbal skills are not entirely there, as english may not be the agent's first language. They are fully equipped to assist customers. However, I do not like having an agent use "text slang" when speaking to me. "Pls" and "let me ask" are not appropriate for agents to be using.

There are many different ways to reach out to the customer if there are truly experiencing any technical difficulties. The agent informed me that enhancements were taking place (near the end of the conversation). Based on the entire chat transcript, I am not buying that. I get communications sent via text to my device during Verizon chats, even before the chat is over.

This agent purposely ignored me. They were pushing me to call Asurion and Verizon customer service directly to cancel a service. This agent also told me to cancel the protection through My Verizon, which I tried. When I told them that I know chat has the ability to remove items from my account, I was told to call into Verizon customer service. When asked why, as the pop up told me to chat OR call, I was ignored. Repeatedly. When I gave my request for a supervisor, I was still being ignored.

When I finally was responded to, I was met with "you still need a sup  ??" It was not until I informed the agent that I was ending the chat, that it was disconnected on Verizon's end. Their excuse for ignoring me was because there are other customers that needed assistance. That is not an acceptable answer by any means.

I understand that there are other customers, but a simple, "please allow just a moment to research this information" or "please allow me just a moment" in general would have been nice. Even a text, notifying me that there were "technical difficulties and to please call for further assistance" would have been helpful. I was not given that. I was given radio silent and I am far from happy.

I strongly feel that this agent did not want to do their job. They wanted to pawn my request for assistance off on someone else. Make this someone else'e problem. I saved the chat via copy and paste, and I am sure the system saved it as well. I wanted to send this as an email, but I have found this is an alternative.