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Very unhappy customer. I was lied to by Verizon

On Dec 11th 2021 I reached out to VZW to remove two watches from my plan. The agent was cordial and did remove them from my plan. I mentioned that I had been receiving advertisements from Spectrum Mobile for a plans as low as $29/month. After sharing said info with the agent, he placed me on hold and said, "we have a loyalty plan that will save you $165/month". I was thrilled! I asked the agent if he needed me to sign anything or complete any steps. He said, "No, you will see your new monthly bill appear next month". Call ended. I was so excited, I sent a text message to my brother sharing my savings as he had suggested I call VZW to see if they can help lower my bill. On 12/25/22 I added another line to my plan with the expectation I was saving $165/month. Jan 2022 arrives. No discount. On 1/31/22 I spoke with customer service and they have no record of any discount applied to my account. The agent did tell me all calls are recorded and I told him if he listens to the recordings from Dec 11th 2021, he would clearly hear the agent reviewing everything with me regarding this loyalty program. I asked to speak to the manager and he/she refused to get on the phone with me. I had scheduled a call to have the manager call me the following day 2/1/22, no call.  I have been a VZW customer for over 20 years, I have FIOS for the last 5-6 years. Verizon should honor what they say and do right by me. I am so upset and need to be contacted. This is my second attempt to get this corrected. I will keep going up the chain until someone helps me. Meanwhile I am looking into moving all my plans to Spectrum unless Verizon can fix this. 

Re: Very unhappy customer. I was lied to by Verizon
Customer Support

@rayrey21 ,

Thank you for sharing so many details about your account concerns. It sounds like there's some missing information on what exactly this loyalty plan is, as all you had shared was that it was somehow $165/month less. If you were on a grandfathered plan that had higher prices than our current plans, that would be one potential way to see that decrease, but with the lack of info on it there's a lot of questions remaining. You also mention removing two watch lines prior to that, but then added a new line afterwards - this would have changed the $165/month amount for sure, since you're now adding a line after removing two. Please send us a Private Note so that we can further review this with you. -Russell