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Waiting a month for my paid order!?

I put an online order in for an early upgrade on May 4th. Phone was on back order until the 13th and once the phone shipped on the 13th I’d be charged. Well the 13th rolled around and then the 14th, and by the 15th with no updates or payments taking out of my account I called customer support to find out what’s going on. Talked to 12 different reps on the phone & through chat, until the payment was finally processed through and I got told by 3 different reps that the order had been sent to the warehouse for shipping. May 18th rolls around with still no updates, no emails, no nothing. On MyVerizon it still tells me the order is on Hold, so I call again and after 45 minutes of being on hold the lady told me it was some error on Verizon’s side so she put a ticket in to try and correct it and that’d I’d be getting an email to confirm it. 
Here we are, May 29th and STILL no emails, no updates, still ‘on-hold’ in the app, reps are becoming very cocky and snarky with me telling me I just have to wait until something more is done with it. Well it’s to the point that it’s now going on 1 month since I put this order in and has been 2 weeks since the payment was taken out of my account for the order to ship but has yet to. This is absolutely ridiculous and I’d prefer to just get my money refunded back to me (since I can no longer cancel the order myself) and I’ve exhausted myself trying to get a rep to be able to tell me something about my order and why it is taking a month so far for this order ship! 
I think it is outrageous I have paid for a phone and watch which was supposed to be shipped in 2 days, that I won’t be receiving for an unknown amount of time! I am NOT waiting ‘x’ amount of months for this order while being treated like I have no reason to be upset by any of the representative that I speak with. 

Re: Waiting a month for my paid order!?

That is horrible. What phone is it? You should ask for the loyalty dept it whatever they call it here. Account Services or something. No way should it go down like that.

Re: Waiting a month for my paid order!?
Customer Support

Hello, Samantha6xo. We are sending you a Private Note now to work with you further. CourtneyM_VZW