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Waiting for service for ever

I am not sure if you all the same problem.  It takes for ever to get anyone to answer anything.  The charges for service are high but the customer service even worse, poor at best described. Not sure what is stopping stores to open up?  Really?  So that they don't pay anything or fix the phones.  All is done on line and at whose expense?

Re: Waiting for service for ever
Sr. Member

Verizon stores are not essential, no one should be bothering with them now more than ever.

You can order phones online. You can backup and restore your stuff with cloud. Bills are viewable online -- stores don't even deal with anything CS related, they'd tell you to call right in the store.

Last I personally stepped foot in a store was gifting my girlfriend's mom a phone case when the 1st gen iPhone SE came out. Even then, the store just so happened to be in a mall. If not not for that, it would have been an easy Amazon order.

Long wait times and store hours don't bother me cause my service works and I don't need my hand held.


Re: Waiting for service for ever
Customer Support

The last thing that we want is for you to struggle to be able to get assistance. Please tell us, what exactly can we help you with? DavidR_VZW