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What has happened to Verizon

I have been with Verizon for years with almost no issues.  In the past six months, things have changed dramatically.

  • Hold times when calling in are now excessive, over 20 minutes.  This after years of just minutes. Is everyone else calling in about new problems also?
  • After years of minimal dropped calls, I mutiple dropped calls per day.
  • After years of great data, I often have no data connection at all, for a bit of time.
  • Messages (SMS, WhatsApp) sit in queue for up to 2 hours.  It literally takes that long for a message to be received on the other end.
  • My phone often shows 3G network connectivity.  It's never shown 3G network.  I thought that network was gone.

So, more annoying than network/service related:

  • When I call customer service because I need to speak with customer service, I am given the chat option, which--in my opinion--slows down the process waiting for me to respond to the chat.  If I could handle my situation another way, I would. I am calling because I need to speak to someone.
  • The pin code that I have used for years is now "invalid" and no longer works.
  • My bill has been incorrect for three months and after multiple calls, it's still incorrect.  I have called multiple times.

One or two issues are never much of a bother, although aggravating. Now I have multiple issues with service and with billing.

I have enjoyed a great relationship with Verizon and it is now failing.  I would like to request that Verizon please correct these issues.

Re: What has happened to Verizon

Their overall customer service has gone downhill as well.  Long wait times, chat agents are worse than ever and not helpful, and they now refuse to honor agreed upon discounts for loyalty.  

The service itself seems worse as well.  I too have been having issues with lagging voicemalls appearing well after calls, calls not connecting, texts not receiving/sending, and their data has always been junk for me.  

But, in typical Verizon's "mess the customer to make a few more dollars" fashion, the price of service keeps going up.  

Re: What has happened to Verizon
Sr. Member

Centers closing = longer queues

Verizon is promoting self serve, people calling in should only be doing so for actual problems instead of fishing for upgrade credits etc.

Getting everyone and their dog to switch to Verizon leads to congested towers. With 3G being phased out end of the year, towers will need to be deployed.

If messages are delayed, do a network reset. Takes a few minutes vs waiting an hour to be told to do the same thing.

You'd be amazed how many issues can be resolved by using Google. I feel if resources weren't wasted, Verizon wouldn't have added the chat bot. The person waiting for a promo not applying has to have their time wasted because of the person calling to ask if blah blah is a US area code.

PINs are only invalid if it's a security risk such as the last 4 of the SSN, all repeating numbers or sequential. Legacy 5 character PINs sometimes have issue authenticating. Standard 4 digit PINs are fine.

Bills don't randomly change on their own. You have to initiate a change with a new plan, upgrade, new line or feature add.


Re: What has happened to Verizon

Thanks for some explanation. Verizon really needs to keep up with the demand. More people, more urban sprawl means more towers and network bandwidth is needed. They obviously haven't been doing that. I don't know if this is because they lowered their fees to compete and dont' have the capital, or if it's just poor management decisions? Either way, they are going to mess themselves. They've always differentiated themselves by providing the best coverage and service. Eventhough they were more expensive than the other carriers, the people that really wanted or needed that level of service were always willing to pay for it. By compromising their service, they have nothing that stands out above the other carriers, and will have to resort to competing strictly on cost. Bad move in my view.

Everyone I know that has been a long-time Verizon customer says the same thing about declining service performance...whether that be coverage or's definitely gotten worse over the last two years. I've been a Verizon customer most of the time since 1994. Verizon coverage/service was always hands down the best where I lived (NE) and virtually everywhere I traveled, and at least as good at ATT in the NW. When I moved to the NW in 2000, my personal phone was on Verizon and my business phone was on comparison, Sprint was horrible. I did switch my personal phone to ATT for a few years while in the NW because I had the need to be able to talk and be online simultaneously when wifi wasn't available. Although the coverage was about the same as Verizon, ATT had a lot of drpped calls and caused a lot of feedback on electronics when the phone was close to them. I switched back to the Verizon network about 6 years ago, and service was as I remembered, not as good as on the east coast or in major cities, but descent. I live between two towers and I'm in the fringe coverage for both. It used to be once locked on to a tower, the call rarely dropped. But over the last 4 years, connection reliability has continued to decline. I will get at least 3 or 4 drops on a 15 min call, and the signal strength will jump up and down constantly even though stationary. I also never had failed texts before, but get them periodically now.

Another possible causal factor in dropped calls is how their network handles a phone switching between towers and/or wifi calling. Because I'm on the fringe of two towers, my phone will switch between the towers or wifi calling when I move around in my house. About 75% of the time when it attempts to switch, the call gets dropped. It doesn't seem to be the phone as several different phones in the house get the same result, e.g. iphone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Iphone XR. What ever Verizon is doing (or rather not doing) with their infrastructure is not working. This kind of feedback needs to get to the top policy makers at Verizon so they understand loyal customers no longer have a compelling reason to stay.

Re: What has happened to Verizon

Verizon Service has been horrible for the last year or so.  I used to be extremely happy with service and my connections.  Not so much now.  We lost service during hurricane Dorian.  There is a tower a couple of miles from where I live.  Everyone in my area has been begging Verizon to fix the tower so we have good service.  There are constant trouble tickets, yet nothing changes except the rates go up.  If the wind blows, we're lucky to have 1 or 2 bars.  Calls are constantly dropped or you can't connect at all.  Very disappointed in Verizon.  They have overloaded their towers and unfortunately we all suffer for it.

Re: What has happened to Verizon

Suggest you post this issue again on the General Wireless service forum.  Since I have the exact same problem I've found numerous posts about this but most are posted on other forums either for the specific model of phone or something else. 

PERHAPS (though it's doubtful) if everyone with this problem posted there we MIGHT get some sort of credible response besides essentially ... So sorry to hear you've been having problems.  We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible. ... never an answer mind you, just garbage ... I'm seriously thinking of changing carriers myself ... been with them for over 12 yrs!



Hope you're subscribed to get replies to your post